Amazon Sued Again for Alexa Recording Kids’ Voices

In yet another claim, Amazon has been sued by a Massachusetts lady, who in the interest of her 10-year-old daughter and children from eight different states, is looking class-action status to sue the e-commerce giant.


Documented in a Federal court in Seattle, the lawsuit blames Amazon of saving ‘voice prints’ of a huge number of children by unlawfully recording their discussion around Alexa-enabled smart devices, Vox news gave an account on Friday.

The lady has charged the e-commerce giant for illegally recording kids and adding them to “a huge database of billions of voice recordings containing the private subtleties of millions of Americans“.

The complaint claims that kids cannot agree to be recorded and do not fathom the “potentially obtrusive uses of big data by a company the size of Amazon” and that they “use Alexa with no understanding or cautioning that Amazon is recording and voice-printing them”, the report said.

The complainant states she bought an Amazon Echo Dot gadget in 2018 and was not offered a reason to believe that her kids would be recorded.

“Customers set up their Echo gadgets and we give them easy-to-use tools to manage them, including the capacity to audit and erase the voice recordings related with their record,” the report quoted an Amazon representative as saying.

The spokesperson likewise featured a company blog-post that talks about Amazon FreeTime’ — a dedicated service launched in 2012 to help guardians manage the manners their kids interact with innovation, including restricting screen time.

However, this is not the first time that the e-commerce giant was blamed for violating kids’ privacy with Alexa.

Earlier in May, US Senators and a group of 19 buyers and public health advocates charged Amazon for recording and saving discussions that happened around its smart speakers, asking the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate into the case.

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Fighting privacy concerns and data collection doubts, later in May, Amazon included help for new voice directions to give users ask Alexa to erase previous voice recordings.

To ensure security and privacy of clients, the company is additionally launching ‘Alexa Privacy Hub’ which is supposed to offer a simple way to figure how Alexa works and discover privacy controls.