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Android Users On Verizon Do Not Have To Lift A Finger To Protect Themselves From Spam Calls

Because spam and scam calls should represent half of all calls received on mobile phones in the US in 2019. This morning we received only four spam calls, one of which was while writing this story. Verizon launched a free version of its US call screening tool earlier this year. Today Verizon has announced that it is automatically registering suitable Android devices in its Free Call Filter service.

Android users on Verizon don't have to lift a finger for protection from spam and scam calls

What does this mean for Verizon subscribers with an Android device? If they receive a call previously reported as fraud, the call will be blocked and sent to voice mail. If a Verizon customer receives a call from a number known to be used for spam or scams, the screen will display “Potential Spam” instead of the name of the caller. Verizon subscribers can activate the Call Blocking feature of the Call Filter to prevent these people from wasting time. Calls from names and numbers in the Verizon subscriber contact list will be handled normally and all international calls can be blocked. This is important because many spam calls come from abroad.

“We know our customers are sick and tired of the endless onslaught of robocalls. Let me be clear: I am too. Our team is committed to developing and enhancing the tools that will help bring relief to our customers. This is another major step in that process.”- Ronan Dunne, executive vice president, and group CEO, Verizon Consumer Group

Although these features are free, for an additional $ 2.99 a month per line (or $ 7.99 a month for three or more lines), Call Filter Plus will allow Big Red subscribers to create their own spam lists and block, identify , identify unknown numbers, quantify the risk of any spam or fraud call using a “Risk Meter” and more.

Updates will be implemented immediately on Verizon Android devices and eligible subscribers can install the application if they can’t wait. Note that only Android devices are automatically registered to the program and those with an Apple iPhone or iPad will need to download the app from the App Store. Verizon says it will help its subscribers identify 1.5 billion spam calls this year.

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