Anker’s High Quality Power Wave Qi Wireless Car Charger Is Discounted to $29.98 Today

The partnership between wireless power transfer and in-car versatility is delightful for us in the form of the Anker Power Wave. Now thanks to this limited deal, in-car high-speed charging Power Wave comes with an impressive discount applied.

Anker-PowerWave-car-chargerThis wireless charger immediately charges any device that confirms the Qi standard and compatibility give the immediate wireless charging. It also includes Apple’s wave of new iPhones and Android smartphones on the market which has been involved in the Qi scene for a number of years. This product removes your niggles and frustration which comes from charging any Android smartphone or Apple phone in your car because of its expertly engineered and designed.

This charger put your mind at ease because it gives you a product to clamp your smartphone in place and instantly start charging it without any fuss you don’t need to have a clumsily look for a cable to plug into the device and take your eyes off the road you don’t need to look for a cable to charge your phone in car. Once it is set up, simply you have to put your phone on it and you are done with it.

Anker-PowerWave-fast-wireless-car-charger-qiIt also has to ensure that the Power Wave comes with a few other little tidbits which make it a pleasure to use in the car. Anker offers universal compatibility with smartphones. you aren’t buying something which only works with an iPhone or a specific Android device but it works universally. It comes with 360-degree rotation which swivels all over the place and has been designed to offer extremely simplistic one-handed use. The driver of the vehicle doesn’t need to take off his sight from the road and ignore the important aspect of navigating the road.

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Like other wireless chargers in the market, the Power Wave is also capable of transmitting power through lightweight cases and you don’t need to strip your device down to be used with this. The price of Anker PowerWave Fast wireless car charger with Air Vent phone holder is $29.98. If this type of product that you need in your life, then it is definitely worthwhile having it right now when it is available on offer.