Anker’s Ultra-Small 30W USB Type-C Power Delivery Charger Sees Its First Ever Discount Bringing the Price Down to Just $25


Amazon and Anker are currently teaming up to give you the opportunity to own this USB Type-C Power which is Delivery-based wall charger for just $25.49 of price. The accessory comes highly-rated and it usually sells for around the $30 mark, and it is one of Anker’s leading products.

More people are finding themselves in need of having this small power-based accessory. Anker is essentially marketing this accessory as the charger for a laptop which delivers all of the power that you can expect from a device that is capable of charging a power-hungry laptop, however it comes with the physical size of a smartphone charger. This type of power packaged into something extremely lightweight as well as portable and it is definitely appealing to a growing number of potential owners.

It is extremely high-powered and efficient from a charging perspective which is the main selling point of this accessory. It offers speeds of up to 2.5x that is of a standard smartphone or tablet charger and that means you can get your devices charged a lot quicker if they support this technology. This has the ability to give you the power to charge an iPhone 8 or newer up to 50% in just about 3-minutes, as an instance of just how performant this can be on the latest hardware. In size, it is also 40% smaller than an out-of-the-box MacBook charger, so if the selling points of this accessory are portability and compact, then this is a product that you should consider.

Anker is also trying to push the fact that it is powered by gallium nitride (GaN) that means it generates less heat at a higher efficiency rate. It allowed the company to get this level of performance out of something which is very smaller than it really should be. For the end customer, that is nothing but an end benefit and you should definitely be classed as such.

This deal is likely ongoing for a limited period of time, so if you are looking for a product like this then make sure to act quickly before the deal will expire soon and the price goes back up to the normal level which is definitely higher.

Buy from Amazon: Anker 30W Ultra Compact Type-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery: $25.49

Original price: $30

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