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Apple Announces NFC Tag Support For Apple Pay

Apple has taken a step towards replacing its portfolio by announcing a new Apple Pay NFC feature. Apple Pay vice president Jennifer Bailey made the announcement at the TRANSACT conference held in Las Vegas, which focuses on mobile payments and the technologies around them.

Along with the announcement, Apple also announced that users will soon be able to sign up for loyalty cards with a single touch via the Wallet app while confirming Bird scooters, Bonobos clothing stores, and PayByPhone parking meters. They will be part of the initial plan distribution of Apple Pay NFC.

NFC Tag Support

At present, anyone who wants to pay via Apple Pay needs the retailer to offer contactless payments via a terminal. But with NFC compatibility, users can instead touch their iPhone with a coded NFC tag and then view the Apple Pay family interface. The NFC tag will provide the information necessary for the iPhone to start the transaction.

“Apple announced support for NFC stickers/tags that trigger Apple Pay for payment without having an app installed. Imagine tapping your phone on a scooter or a parking-meter and paying for it without signing up or downloading an app first.”

Announcement of iOS 13 during WWDC

iOS 13

Apple says that this new feature will start to be implemented later this year, so it could also be a feature that requires iOS 13. The three launch partners will also need time to put the ducks in a row, and we hope to see more to come online now that the feature is out in the open.

It is expected that Apple will announce iOS 13 during WWDC next month so we may have more information on the feature at that time. The software will also be available to the public in September.

(Via: Steve Moser [Twitter])

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