Apple Loses Three Employees Part of Jony Ive’s Industrial Design Team As iPhone Sales Drop

Apple Loses Three Employees

The design team of Apple, headed by Jony Ive, has been responsible for a number of some all-time iconic devices. However, it’s undergoing some changes and according to the latest report by The Wall Street Journal. Three longtime design employees are leaving, or have already left, according to that report, Rico Zorkendorfer and Daniele De Iuliis are said to have already left the design team of Apple, while Julian Hönig is slated to leave in the coming few months.

As a combined threesome, it is equal to around 45 years of experience in the team, and that’s sure to be a big loss no matter how you look at it.

The reason is not known behind the left of these 3 people from the design team but Zorkendorfer told The Wall Street Journal that he planned sometime with his family and it something people usually say when they leave big companies like this.

When speaking with The Wall Street Journal, Above Avalon analyst Neil Cybart that it’s very normal for team members to leave like this, especially with Apple as the company is now focusing on different products to those it was a little while ago.

“This group is all-powerful in Apple, said Neil Cybart, who runs Above Avalon, a site dedicated to Apple analysis. Industrial designers have the final say over the user experience found with Apple devices, and they really do work like a family in a way. No one would argue, though, that new blood is a bad thing.”

Currently, Apple is very much focusing on software and its various services at a time whereas iPhone sales have slowed amidst a similar story throughout the market.

(Source: WSJ)

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