Apple Offering Official iPhone Xs Silicone and Leather Folio Cases with Up To 21% Discount

iPhone Xs Silicone and Leather Folio Cases

Amazon is currently offering small discounts that are quite notable on Apple’s gorgeous official Silicone and Leather Folio cases for the stunning 2018 iPhone Xs smartphone. Discounts are something that Apple doesn’t usually do but when it does, it’s worth grabbing with both hands.

There are many third-party companies that offer a plethora of cases for smartphones by Apple. They are generally very affordable and varied in terms of design and efficiency but some people simply prefer to go for the real thing. If you are one of those people who want to adorn their smartphone with an official case manufactured to the official blueprints of the device, then you may find a couple of deals below that can definitely appeal you.

Apple’s Silicone case gives a luxurious fit with a soft microfiber lining on the inside designed to perfectly protect your device. As the case is made from silicone it feels utterly premium. The Leather Folio case is the heading step in device luxury and the product is manufactured from premium leather and it also features a magnetic closure as a small place to securely store debit and credit cards so that you have utter convenience in one place.

If you are interested in protecting your expensive iPhone Xs from the environment and want to do so with an official Apple-branded case, then you can find the deals below of company’s Silicone and Leather Folio options:

Buy from Amazon: Apple Silicone Case, White: $32 | Original price: $40

Buy from Amazon: Apple Leather Folio Case, Cornflower: $92 | Original price: $99

Keep in mind that each case type is available in various color to suit your needs but it may be a case that the discount is different depending on which external finish or the type of color you choose.

No matter how much the discount is, it’s definitely worth picking up an official Apple case to protect your phone especially when there is a discount in place.

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