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Apple releases a new promotional video that shows another side of its devices

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Apple is generally thought of as a consumer product company. However, the tech giant dropped a promotional video these days showing the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac, and all work along during the work surroundings. The video follows a team operating in a big company. Apparently, these four staffs have come back up with the thought of manufacturing a revolutionary round pizza box. The matter is that they need only 2 days before a gathering with one in every of the firm’s top executives.

Rushing to turn a sketch into a prototype, the team leans on their Apple devices. An iPad pro and also the Apple Pencil is used to point on a photo, the wasted space found on a conventional square pizza box. Meanwhile, the team is setting alarms on their iPhones to help them get up early. Anyone running late will inform the others by saying “Hey Siri” to their Apple Watch, and asking the virtual personal assistant to send a message.

Gallons of coffee is being consumed because the team continues to prepare for the big meeting. Not that there are not any setbacks. The young son of one of the team members takes an Apple Pencil and starts doodling on an iPad professional displaying a number of the necessary financial information that the team needs. Even Apple’s AirDrop appeared in the video. this is often the feature that enables files to be transferred between Macs and iOS devices through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Finally, the prototype has arrived. The next morning is the day of the presentation and once again the team depends on the alarm on their iPhones to get them up. The Apple Watch worn by the team leader pops up with a notification that it’s time for the meeting. And as the elevator doors shut on the squad, able to move for the meeting, we have a tendency to see the tagline: “This is Apple at work.”

After viewing the standard consumer-based videos from Apple, this is an interesting 3-minute promotional video about a segment of its business that we don’t commonly hear about.

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