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Apple Says it Removed Parental Control Apps for Security Reasons, not a Competition

Apple, on Sunday, terminated back at a New York Times report that said the company has been using its hang on the App Store to hurt competitors’ products.


A Saturday report in times said that in the previous year, Apple has focused 11 of the 17 most downloaded third-party apps intended to help phone users limit screen time or oversee their kid’s phone use. Apple either expelled the apps from the App Store through or limited them in some way, the Times said.

However, Apple on Sunday published an announcement in its newsroom titled, “The realities about parental control apps.” In it, the company said it as of late removed a few parental control apps from the App Store because “they put users’ privacy and security in danger.”

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Over the previous year, Apple said it wound up mindful that a few of the apps utilized mobile device management (MDM) software. This “gives a third party control and access over a device and its most touchy information including user location, app use, email accounts, camera permissions and browsing history.” MDM software is regularly used by businesses to effortlessly manage and control their employees’ devices, yet Apple said that in mid-2017 it updated its rules about the use of MDM for non-enterprise purposes.

“It is amazingly risky — and an unmistakable violation of App Store policies — for a private, buyer-focused app business to install MDM control over a customer’s device,” Apple said. “Outside the control that the app itself can apply over the user’s device, research has demonstrated that MDM profiles could be used by hackers to obtain access for malicious purposes.”

Apple said it gave the app developers 30 days to fix the rule violations. A few did, yet the others that didn’t have their apps expelled from the App Store.


Apple has constantly supported third-party apps on the App Store that assistance parents manage their kids’ devices,” the company said. “In spite of what The New York Times revealed over the weekend, this doesn’t involve competition. It’s a matter of security.”

The iPhone creator introduced its own screen-time and parental-controls includes a year ago when it disclosed iOS 12, the latest major update to its mobile operating system. On Friday, CEO Tim Cook examined screen addiction at the time 100 summit in New York.


Apple’s Screen Time include came following reaction from financial specialists and users over worries about phone addiction among kids. Two of Apple’s major shareholders published an open letter in January 2018 that requested Apple adopt a socially responsible strategy toward kids device use. It referred to concerns about mental health issues and different issues that originated from heavy phone use.

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A month ago, music-streaming service Spotify filed a complaint about Apple with European Union controllers, saying the Apple Music purveyor uses its grasp on the App Store to smother innovation, weaken competition and unreasonably tax its opponents. Apple called Spotify case misleading.