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Apple Tests And Passes Two Foldable iPhone Prototypes

Another report has revealed insight into the possibilities of a foldable iPhone materializing in the nearby future, as we’re informed that two model models have passed durability tests, internally.

The report rolls in from Economic Daily News, which reveals to us that the tests for these folding mechanisms were directed at the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China.

Foldable iPhone Prototypes

Apple’s said to be working on two sorts of foldable phones here, one with a dual-screen, and one that is more of a traditional clamshell plan. We have already observed rumors of a dual-screen model, one which essentially transforms the iPhone into a mini iPad of sorts.

The clamshell configuration is more liable to appeal to most shoppers and would be really similar to the Galaxy Z Fold, and the Moto RAZR. Nonetheless, almost certainly, Apple will pick a different more vigorous hinge plan here. There have already been rumors about Apple having gotten their hands on a lot of adaptable displays from Samsung for testing purposes.

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With the tests for the prototypes being all about durability and strength, all things considered, the innards were minimal at best or not indicative of the final hardware at least.

This might not be a buzz only:

What is clear, however, is that the buzz around a foldable phone from Apple is beginning to get, and with reports coming in from iPhone manufacturers and providers, there could conceivably be some weight behind this latest piece of information.