Apple To Abandon Massive iPhone Feature

Following up it’s energizing 2020 iPhone design news, the ever-excellent Macrumors has delved down into information from that report to “affirm” Apple is going to surrender 3D Touch and the company’s well known and exclusive technology “will be wiped out” from the iPhone 11.


MacRumors uncovered the information has been sourced directly from Apple providers in Asia and the move will be a hit to iPhone power users, specifically. The pressure-sensitive technology is far better to anything found in rivals thanks to Apple’s dedicated Taptic Engine, and 3D Touch’s coordination with iOS empowers a lot of useful and time-saving shortcuts.

My personal favorites are using 3D Touch to raise Quick Actions in-app menus and ‘Peek and Pop’ where weight pressure touches on emails and URLs will indicate you review without opening them.


Why would Apple remove this real differentiator from its phones? To cut expenses and save space.

The Taptic Engine which forces 3D Touch is huge and expensive, so Apple can expand its profit margins and, possibly, use the space for something different, for example, a larger battery (where upgrade are normal). Moreover, the iPhone XR lacks 3D Touch yet is still the best selling iPhone, which I think gave Apple the ‘strength’ to trust the highlight is expendable.

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That said, the choice still sits awkwardly with me. 3D Touch is an industry benchmark and moving to standard haptic touch criticism (like all rivals) is a reasonable downgrade. As such, Apple’s ideal (and most costly) 2019 iPhones will have second rate technology to the iPhone 6S and that’s not how advance should work.

Strangely, the move was first tipped in April 2018, however, news of its confirmation is as yet a blow. Particularly in a year when Apple needs cutting edge internals (not simply make up for lost time highlights) if it is going to persuade you to purchase the ugliest iPhone ever.