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Apple to Declare iPad 2 As Vintage and Obsolete This Month, Here’s What That Means

 iPad 2 As Vintage and Obsolete

It’s had a good run, but the iPad 2 is very old enough to find itself being added to Apple’s growing list of vintages and its obsolete products. It is expected that the move will take place on April 30th, with every model of iPad 2 included.

The definition of vintage by Apple means any product that was last manufactured more than five years ago. The iPad 2 was released in March of 2011, and now it’s time to confine it to the scrapheap. The device was a great tablet at that time and it was finally killed off in March of 2014.

At the time, the iPad 2 offered an A5 CPU and a display that was poor if we take into account today’s standards – it was capable of just 132ppi across the 9.7-inch screen.

The iPad 2 will now no longer be a tablet that users can take into an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider for repair, although it’s quite amazing that it has taken this long to consider that there will be iPad 2 tablets out there that are coming very close to being a decade old.

In fact, as an indication of the time being, this is a tablet that has the 30-pin Apple Dock connector rather than Lightning, and we all remember the fuss that switches caused.

There are exceptions to this rule; however, for those who are in California and Turkey will be able to have their iPad 2 serviced until March of 2021 thanks to local laws. When that time finally comes, it will well and truly be obsolete.

All in all, we think it’s probably there already in everything but title.

(Source: MacRumors)

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