Apple Watch Calls 911 after Driver Was Involved in Accident

The Apple Watch has by and by end up being a lifesaver. As indicated by a user on Reddit, they met in a mishap last Monday, and their Series 5 called 911 right away. Luckily, it wasn’t a life or demise circumstance, and the traveler didn’t endure any genuine wounds. In spite of the fact that the lives weren’t in peril this time, Apple Watch called 911 when required.

The Apple Watch Series 5 doesn’t have an extraordinary element for fender bender location. In any case, its Fall Detection is equipped for identifying abrupt effects. What’s more, apparently the element was activated when the Reddit user’s vehicle slammed, which made the smartwatch call the emergency administrations. The Fall Detection include was presented with Apple Watch Series 4, and ideally, the brand will keep on offering this lifesaver highlight in future smartwatches too.

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Various Apple Watch users appear to kill the Fall Detection highlight, as it triggers even to scarcest effects. While it is disappointing to kill the bogus alert each time, the component plays its job in emergency circumstances. Thus, if your Apple Watch has a Fall Detection highlight, we encourage you to turn it on. You might be aggravated by its bogus alerts, however, it will spare your life in emergency circumstances