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Apple Watch Cuts More Ties With The iPhone In Latest WatchOS 6 Beta

Jeremy Horwitz has discovered something interesting on his Apple Watch when he installed watchOS 6 Developer beta 2 on the device. He noticed some interesting indications that with the latest watchOS build, the wearable will be able to directly load OTA updates without any need to go through an Apple iPhone which is another cut in the umbilical cord that connected the Apple Watch to the iPhone when it was first released in 2015. If you’re running the latest Developer beta of watchOS, you can also see how the timepiece can run OTA updates by going to Settings => General => Software Update.

watchOS 6

The first cut came with the release of the Apple Watch Series 3 which allowed users to make and take calls, communicate through messages and receive notifications on the device even if they left their iPhone at home. Before the latest beta update, Apple Watch users required to open the Watch app on their iPhone to complete the updating process.

So, all this appears to be good news for those fighting for the independence of the Apple Watch. We say “seems” for the time being now, even if you install a software update directly from the settings menu of your smartwatch, you have to read and accept the terms and conditions of the watchOS from your iPhone before initializing the update. That seems a little contradictory for a feature specifically designed to wean Watch users off their handsets, so we have crossed our fingers for now because this is something that will be figured out before the release of the final version of watchOS 6.

In watchOS 6, Users Can Update Their Apple Watch From The Settings Menu Of The Device

When updating it directly from the Apple Watch, it needs to be connected to Wi-Fi and resting on its charger. Once the battery is charged up to the 50% level, the update will start.

watch os 6

The upcoming build of watchOS will accompany new watch faces, according to Apple. In fact, the company also states that there will be more new faces since the first Apple Watch. The big news is that there will be an App Store for the Apple Watch to host independent apps for the device. And Apple is also adding some new apps for the wearable including Voice Memos, Audiobooks, and Calculator. The new Trends will allow Apple Watch users to enjoy a longer-term view of their activity ranges from a 90-day look to a full year. If the trend shows an increase in activity, that will be good for a user; if the trend is slacking off, the timepiece will pass along a number of hints on how to get back on track.

The update will also notify someone if they are in danger of damaging their hearing because of loud surrounding noises. This will be accompanied by having the microphone on the Apple Watch turn on every now and then to check ambient sounds. If the sound is over 80dB, the Apple Watch will send you a warning. The update to watchOS 6 also features a setting allowing your timepiece to “chime” at the top of each hour while the Taptic engine will create a vibration simultaneously. And lastly, with this latest build of Apple’s smartwatch OS, women will also be able to track the time every month when they are most fertile and more likely to get pregnant. This is actually good for Apple. The more children that are born in homes where Apple products are used, the more future customers the company can count on.

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