Home News Apple Watch Led Smartwatch Market With 36% Share in Q1 2019

Apple Watch Led Smartwatch Market With 36% Share in Q1 2019

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the smartwatch market at this point essentially, with 35.8% of the share according to recent numbers from Counterpoint Research. That statistic covers sales for January through March.

While Apple sits at the top of the tree, and by some distance, Samsung also takes up second place with a share of 11.1% of the market. That result is at least an increase on the previous year, that was a 7.2% result.

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 has largely positively received by both reviewers and buyers alike, and recent Consumer Lens survey by Counterpoint Research shows that the latest Apple Watch’s biggest and most desirable feature is the ECG functionality. Recently, that feature went live in 19 countries after spending some considerable time as a US-only affair.

“Commenting on the major shift in the market, Counterpoint Research Analyst, Satyajit Sinha, noted, “Apple Watch shipments grew a solid 49% YoY despite the weak demand for its iPhones. Apple continues to focus on the health-related features like ECG and fall detection in the Apple Watch Series 4. The ECG capability in the Apple Watch is the most desirable feature, according to our latest Consumer Lens survey. Apple has now received approval on its ECG features from healthcare authorities of Hong Kong and 19 other countries including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK.”

Apple, for its part, doesn’t spin the sales of Apple Watch out when sharing its own figures, instead choosing to include it in a Wearables, Home, and in the category of Accessories.  According to the recent March quarter numbers, however, that category managed a record revenue of $5.1 billion, likely fueled by the success of the Apple Watch Series 4, it is also expected AirPods to be helping out there. The HomePod and Apple TV were less likely to be big sellers in that category.

For the time now, it’s clear that the smartwatch market continues to play catch-up with the Apple Watch, however, there are many other manufacturers working around it, there is always the chance that one will hit the winning formula. Focusing on that reason, we expect Apple to continue to push the Apple Watch envelope in the coming years.

(Source: Counterpoint Research)

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