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Apple’s China Issue isn’t Leaving, HSBC Says in its Latest Warning (AAPL)

  • Apple shares fell to a two-month low Monday after HSBC issued its most recent warning about China-related concerns.
  • “China, one reason for our Dec 2018 minimization, remains an issue and we don’t see it leaving away anytime soon,” they said.
  • The firm cut its cost target for the fourth time since December

One of the world’s biggest companies is grappling with proceeding headwinds in the world’s second-largest economy, and that’s caused HSBC examines to issue a crisp warning to investors.


Apple’s macroeconomic and focused issues in China aren’t leaving away anytime soon, especially as trade tensions between the US and China hit a breaking point, analysts at the firm said in a report out Sunday. The report sent Apple shares tumbling 3%, to a two-month low. The stock saw its most minimal close since mid-March.

The analysts, driven by Erwan Rambourg, cut their price target to $174 from $180 — their fourth value cut since December when they released a top to bottom report downgrading their once-bullish rating.

“China, one of the reasons for our Dec 2018 downsize, remains an issue and we don’t see it leaving away anytime soon,” the team composed, pointing out that shares are down 10% since the company’s second-quarter income report was released on April 30.

“We believe an escalation/elongation of the exchange tension will probably have an impact on how Chinese consumers perceive the US branded items, mainly iPhone and given that China assumes a big role in terms of items and services income for Apple, this remains parts a key risk,” they included.

Trade tensions between the two nations have escalated in recent weeks, with China retaliating against the Trump administration’s new round of tax.

Washington’s subsequent restriction on the Chinese media firm Huawei started concerns that US multinational technology companies like Apple could endure in the event Beijing retaliates further. Also, Google’s recently declared decision to sever ties with the company just exacerbates the strain between the two nations.

Still, China remains a basic market for the iPhone giant. The region somewhere in the range of 17% and 18% of Apple’s sales, as indicated by HSBC.

Competition in China remains a concern also, the analysts said. Apple’s situation in China’s smartphone market has contracted in recent years, amid an increased challenge from cheaper choices like Huawei and Xiaomi.

HSBC chart

The numerous China-centric issues facing Apple, its offer price’s 22% decline from its peak, and analysts’ subsequent notes of alert mark a stark departure from Wall Street’s once overwhelmingly positive perspective on the stock.

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In its report, HSBC praised Apple’s management for attempting to move investors’ attention far from waning iPhone sales to its developing services business.

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Still, the analysts included that cheering “a quarter wherein iPhone deals were down 17% at a time when the stock was exchanging at a 3-year high in terms of forwarding PE valuation we believe is very counterintuitive.”