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Apple’s Modular Mac Pro And 6K Display Could Be Disclosed At WWDC 2019

Although WWDC is considered as a historical event that mainly focuses on software, there is a slight possibility that we might see at least one piece of hardware to be shown in the coming month.

As per the recent reports including a leaking dump from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple might show modular Mac Pro at WWDC event and a first-party 6K monitor as well.

We knew that a new Mac Pro is in the process for a long time, with Apple confirming the fact last year. But we are not sure when the computer will be released other than a hope that it will be this year.

Mac Pro And First-Party Monitor

Apple’s Modular Mac Pro

It is confirmed that it is not likely to go on sale in the coming month, but with the computer aimed at developers as well as professionals that it would make sense for it to be shown off at WWDC for the first time. The report from Bloomberg says that Apple is mulling over showing the Mac Pro off currently, although it is still not guaranteed by any stretch.

According to the claims by analyst Kuo, it is expected that Apple will announce a first-party monitor to be sold along with the Mac Pro having a 31.6-inches big panel and taking full advantage of mini LED lighting. All these changes make sure that it won’t be cheap, as well as the 6K resolution that is also being rumored.

We are more interested in the prospect to see the Mac Pro than the display, but we understand there are many who will look to pair the two together. If Apple shows off at WWDC next month then it is sure to be quite the event. We already know that there is a lot of new software to look forward apart from hardware.

(via: Bloomberg)

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