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Astragon talks about the upcoming Construction Simulator 3

Soon Construction Simulator 3 is launching for mobile phone, and we are lucky enough to talk to the astragon team about construction simulator 3.CS3 Do we talk about what makes it a superb sequel? what challenges tackled in the development process? what the future holds for this series?

What’s Construction Simulator 3 all about?

For the first time, mobile players will be able to experience the action on the construction site through the eyes of their in-game character via the new cockpit camera. It also introduces a new setting with three unique districts in the idyllic European Alpine foothills. New license partners include BOMAG, Bobcat, CASE, and the WIRTGEN GROUP, consisting of WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, and HAMM which expand the vehicle fleet to over 50 machines & vehicles by 14 brands. Players are able to use these vehicles in over 70 different construction jobs.

What kind of contracts will you need in the game?

In the different districts the player travels through his/her aspiring career and the types of contracts depend on the size of the player’s construction company. Players will be challenged with all kinds of missions from small delivery jobs to earthmoving, gardening to landscaping, building houses and office to building entire bridges and other exciting constructions are particularly challenging special assignments.maxresdefault (2) What challenges did your team face during development, and how did you overcome them?

From the gameplay side, the integration of the Liebherr LB28 Drilling Rig is a huge challenge. These machines are complex to handle and the work process is really hard to implement properly in a mobile game with limited space for complex controls and buttons. We have put a lot of effort into performance and memory optimizations and we intend the game to run on the same devices as its predecessor, even when its growth in size and the addition of more details.

What specifics tools and techniques did you use to develop the game?

From the beginning of the development of the game series, we are depending on Unity3D as our game engine. We have gained a lot of experience by using it over many years and we know more or less every do’s and don’ts within the engine. Besides Unity3D, we are using 3D max and 3D Maya for creating the 3D models and Photoshop for the model’s textures.

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Construction simulator 3 is available on the Google play store you can download it from there and enjoy the game.