AT&T cancels its Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders gives a $100 promo card

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Actions speak louder than words phrase perfectly fits here, as the world waits for Samsung to announce a launch date for the Galaxy Fold, especially when those actions consist of Best Buy canceling pre-orders collected for the galaxy fold device last month followed up by today’s news related to AT&T.

According to Tom’s Guide, the carrier has sent out emails to all its customers who pre-ordered the Samsung foldable device. The email confirms that because Samsung delayed the release of the phone, the carrier is now canceling all its pre-orders. The email message also invites customers to pre-order through AT&T again once Samsung announces a new release date.

To make up for this unfortunate thing, AT&T is also giving a $100 AT&T Promotion Card to each customer who had a Galaxy Fold pre-order canceled. The card is expected to arrive within 60 days. Any funds that could help to cover the pre-orders have been released, and those who were actually charged the $1,980 for the phone will receive a refund.

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In April, a few days after Samsung announced the delay of the Galaxy Fold device, AT&T said that the device would be shipped possibly on June 13th. In this day, that would be known as “fake news.”

The first foldable coming from a major manufacturer, Galaxy Fold was supposed to release on April 26th but this was halted on April 22nd. Despite all the warning labels from Samsung, several influencers peeled what it looked like a plastic protective film off of the interior display of the display units; this eventually caused the device to break. Another problem faced when debris entered the top or bottom hinge of the phone leading to an ungainly bulge on the screen. And others experienced the screen on their Galaxy Fold just stop working. So, reportedly Samsung tucked the plastic film into the screen so there would be no way to peel off by closing the gap on the top and bottom of the hinge for the purpose of preventing debris from entering, and made some changes to the phone. Now all that we need is a new release date.

Samsung Galaxy Fold release date might not be as close as Samsung has hinted


An exterior screen on the Galaxy Note that weighs in at 4.6-inches. When opened, a 7.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED display is revealed with a 1536 x 2152 resolution. The device is powered by the Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform and it includes 12GB of memory along with a 512GB of storage. It also features a triple camera setup with a 12MP primary camera and a variable aperture, a 12MP telephoto camera with an optical zoom of 2x, and a 16MP Ultra-wide camera. A large 4380mAh battery keeps the lights on, and pre-installed Android 9 Pie is along with the One UI interface. The latter puts some actionable elements on the bottom of the screen that lets users reach them without having to dislocate a finger to reach for the top of the large display.

In May, DJ Koh who is a Samsung Mobile chief has reportedly said that all the problems had been fixed now and a new release date would be announced soon. That comment was repeated this week when a Samsung spokesman told CNET that a new release date was just weeks away to be revealed. However, the actions of AT&T would suggest that this is not the case.

Samsung announced last month that if the phone didn’t ship by May 31st, then there is no other way just to cancel all pre-orders unless directed not to do so by its customers. Obviously, that deadline came and went without the device being launched. When Koh spoke in May, he clearly said that the Galaxy Foldwill not be too late.” If he was addressing anything but the coming holiday shopping season, he might be proved wrong.

AT&T started taking pre-orders for the Foldable device on April 15th. The other U.S. carrier to get the device, T-Mobile, acquired out. It was planning to put the phone up for sale on April 25th, the day before it would become available on its retail stores. As for this timing, it didn’t start taking pre-orders for the Foldable device and merely delayed offering the phone once Samsung has announced the delay.

(Via: tom’s guide, CNET )

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