AT&T’s Future 5G Pricing Plan: the Quicker You Go, The More You Pay

Verizon is as of now offering mobile 5G service in two markets, Chicago and Minneapolis. Recently, Verizon declared 20 new markets where it will before offer the next generation of the wireless network. Until May 16th, when the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G launches, the best way to get Verizon’s 5G network in markets supporting the service is with the Moto Z3 with the 5G Moto Mod appended. Verizon was going to charge these 5G subscribers $10 every month over the regular price of their 4G LTE plans. However, on the grounds that Big Red’s 5G network has had spotty inclusion in the two markets where it is accessible, Verizon has chosen to waive the $10 monthly charge for the time being.


And that conveys us to AT&T, which really launched its mobile 5G network before Verizon did. At the present time, it is offered in 19 markets with subscribers using the Netgear Nighthawk 5G mobile hot spot to get to the service. Later this year, it will offer two 5G phones from Samsung, including the Galaxy S10 5G. The second model will support both 5G mmWave and sub-6GHz spectrum.

AT&T, like Verizon, is yet feeling its way around the future of 5G. As indicated by the verge, CEO Randall Stephenson made a few comments about 5G evaluating during the carrier’s incomes call last week. The executive said that 5G valuing could be based on home internet service where estimating is different relying upon the speed tier chosen. This would be an immense change from the manner in which carriers offer 4G LTE service, which is one value regardless of how quick the data is actually traveling.


“I will be extremely surprised if, as we move into wireless, the evaluating regime in wireless doesn’t look something like the estimating regime you see in fixed line. On the off chance that you can offer a gig speed, there are few customers that are eager to pay a premium for 500 meg to a gig speed, and so forth. So I anticipate that to be the situation. We’re a few years away from seeing that play out.”-Randall Stephenson, CEO, AT&T

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5G data speeds are required to be up to multiple times faster than 4G LTE. Subsequently, new businesses and services will be made gratitude to the faster speeds. We also could see self-driving cars in the city, and new innovations that we can’t even dream about this moment. It will take a couple of years before 5G service in the U.S. is as broad as 4G LTE is at the present time.