20 Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally

We’ve brought you the Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally. The pages where we can publish free ads have resisted with the advance of other forms of communication such as social networks. Although their use has been reduced, they are still an effective way that both companies and professionals can use to give themselves know, as well as how to sell your products. In recent years we have seen how giants of the world of free ads as Second Hand have tried to adapt to these changes to not only allow a channel where to place a free ad, but also where each person who uses it can have an experience with the Brand, hence the phrase ” I live it and then I sell it “.

When they made the change, the bump in the SERPs and the loss of visibility and traffic they had, which as you can see in the following graph, took a long time to recover and even today, 2 years after the change, visibility is lower.

Types of free ads

There are different types of free ads that we usually use, either on a personal or professional level and that I will summarize below:

  1. Free purchase/sale ads. This type of ad is very helpful and widely used in the vast majority of free ad websites.
  2. Free ads to promote a company or a service or product. It is used to publicize our company or a service on a page where it has a lot of traffic and visibility.
  3. Free ads to search for work or employment. There are many portals where you can post a free ad about a job you want to cover in your company.

Surely there will be many more times classified ads but I wanted to focus on these three since I consider them the most important.

 Tips for posting free ads

  1. Choose the ad title very well. Before publishing an article, perform different searches of similar words in the portal’s search engine to see which combinations are most used by most users.
  2. Choose the photo very well. Make a good presentation photo of what you are going to offer, and if it can be a good selection of them if the product requires it, much better.
  3. Add a video if the platform allows it. The videos are fashionable content and we should use as long as the page where we are going to publish the ad allows us.
  4. Emphasize the product warranty. Many times we sell products that are still under warranty, in the case of being second hand, so leave this data very clear as it will help your products sell faster.
  5. Write a clear and detailed sheet. Ads with a very complete tab generate more confidence and credibility in the user.
  6. Focus more on the benefits than on the features. What can this product give me? Because I need it? If you focus more on the benefits than on the characteristics, your ad will generate more confidence.
  7. Specify the shipping costs and time well. Always specify the cost and shipping time, since your ad will be more serious and reliable for users.

Now just need to put all these tips in practice and the list of pages, portals, and apps that allow you to post free ads on the Internet.

20 Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally:


It has more than 13 million ads currently classified and with over 80 million visits per month, so it is one of the giants of the free ads sector.

Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally
Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally


Android, iOS:

eBay is one of the largest portals of purchase and sale of technology, computing, motor, collecting, clothing, baby items, etc. stores and individuals, therefore one of the largest pages of Internet buying and selling. eBay has more than 38 million visits per month.

Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally


Android, iOS:

Idealist is a very popular website with great media publicity. It really is an ad website focused on the purchase, sale, and rental of homes. You can publish the first two housing ads for free. Idealist has more than 25 million visits per month, so if your ad is about buying a sale, look no further, you have found your portal.

Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally


Android, iOS:

Vibbo is the evolution of the website known as secondhand, and that how it explained at the beginning made a complete change of brand and domain, and although it lost a part of its great traffic it currently has more than 12 million monthly visits, so You should take into account to publish your free classified ads.

Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally


Android, iOS:

One of the leading portals of buying and selling cars and where you can publish your ads for free and sell your used car to buy a new car. Coches.net has more than 12 million visits per month.

Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally
Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally


Android, iOS:

Etsy is an advertising portal for the real estate sector where you will find a great offer for buying and selling homes. Etsy has more than 6 million visits per month.

Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally
Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally


Android, iOS:

With Trovit, you will be able to find thousands of webs of free ads segmentation in 4 categories, cars, employment, and products. Trovit has more than 4 million visits per month.

Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally


Android, iOS:

Craigslist is a web page where you can publish free ads about real estate, cars, work or fashion. Craigslist currently has more than 3 million visits per month and its traffic does not stop growing so I have very much in mind when you want to publish your ads.

Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally


Android, iOS:

Free bulletin board, offers of employment, second hand and purchase sale between individuals with more than 10 thousand free ads every day.

Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally


Android, iOS:

Locanto is a more recent website with much less web traffic than its predecessors and currently has 200,000 visits per month.

Locanto app


Android, iOS:

Carousell currently has about 200,000 visits per month and you can publish your ad directly for free or call by phone to publish it yourself, you decide. Better pages to publish free ads from mobile devices and tablets.



Android, iOS:

Wallapop is a mobile application available for both iOS and Android, where you can sell very easily sell and buy from any mobile device. The truth is that it is amazing to see the growth chart of this website in just 1 year that exceeds 16 points of the Sistrix visibility index. Wallapop currently has more than 9 million monthly visits to its website.


Facebook Marketplace:

Android, iOS:

Facebook expands its modest commitment to online commerce in the Old Continent to connect buyers and sellers of used items in 17 European markets, including Spain.

The marketplace is a dedicated section embedded within the smartphone application of the popular social network. The products can be filtered by location, category or price. Although the most common is the sale of goods within a locality, Facebook allows the connection with any seller as long as it is in the same country as the buyer.



Android, iOS:

Nearme allows you to buy and sell clothes and has more than 1 million visits per month on its website. Nearme has more than 1 million visits to its website per month.


21 Buttons:

Android, iOS:

Do you want to be up to date with fashion trends? Would you like to know what look or clothes are worn by the Instagram users or bloggers you follow and where they bought it? Download the 21 Buttons app for Android (version 4.1 and above), the first fashion and online shopping social network that allows you to earn income by sharing your looks.

21 Buttons


Android, iOS:

Boxes is revolutionizing the way to find work and hire staff in many places such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Seville. Our job and employee search app has already been highlighted in prestigious media.


Letgo: second-hand things:

Android, iOS:

Letgo is the marketplace to buy and sell locally with faster growth. Earn money easily, selling what you do not need and finding nearby offers in what you do. Electronics, games, clothes, cars, furniture, decoration and much more. Featured in TechCrunch, Wired, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Apartment Therapy and others.

Letgo: second-hand things

eBay App:

Android, iOS:

Buy and sell on the go with eBay. Discover offers and discounts in the best brands in categories such as fashion, watches, beauty accessories, furniture, appliances, toys, home decoration items, electronics, sports and many more. Find unbeatable deals and save money on your online purchase with free shipping.



Android, iOS:

I live it and then I sell it! vibbo is a free ads application where you can buy and sell all kinds of second-hand things. A giant app with lots of bargains on shoes, bicycles, children’s clothes, cheap fashion, cars and motorcycles, baby cars and anything else you can imagine. Buying and selling second-hand things online has never been easier.



Android, iOS:

Do you want to sell used things that you no longer take advantage of? Are you looking for second-hand cars and motorcycles? Do you intend to rent a house or apartment in your city? Are you looking to adopt animals like dogs or cats? Cashify is the ideal choice: the free classified ads board that covers practically any sector, from furniture sales to purchases of cheap mobile cases or job offers.


Hope you like our list of 20 best apps to sell stuff. Stay tuned for the more amazing thing.

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