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10 Best Free Music Websites To Download Songs Legally | 2018

There are a lot of websites out there that offer free music downloads and looking good and doing a bit of screening, in the end, they have been only the best and brightest. So here we have this list of the best 10 places to get free music downloads legally. On these websites, you can get free music downloads in a high-quality MP3 format so you can play them on your computer, music player or mobile phone. It’s as simple as downloading them and saving them, so they’ll be yours forever.

All the free music downloads here are legal, so they are public domain or, in most cases, the artists have given permission to download and enjoy their hard work. Most of this music is usually covered by the Creative Commons license, which allows you to listen, copy, share or record tracks on a CD. That means you can feel great listening to the music and discovering some hidden gems that you would otherwise have missed.

Some concepts before downloading music

Before getting into full with the download pages I think it’s interesting to have some clear concepts of copyrights. Here we touch a delicate subject with many ramifications, so it is worth knowing a bit of the law before starting to download. We must cover our backs and above all be ethical with the artists who work their butts off to bring us some great music.

 What is copyright?

In many countries, the law denominates copyright as an intellectual property right. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport defines intellectual property as “a set of rights that correspond to authors and other owners (artists, producers, broadcasting organizations) with respect to the works and services resulting from their creation.”

Under this law, artists and musicians safeguard their interests in case of copying and disseminating their work. We have to know that if we copy (for profit) or distribute music protected by intellectual property rights, we are breaking the law.

It is good to know that a work with copyright has an expiration. The rights are maintained during the author’s life and 70 years after his death. So we are only able to download their music once that time has elapsed and as long as it is not under any other right.

 The public domain?

All works that are not protected by copyright are in the public domain. That is, we can use them legally and freely. As we have said before, the work that is under copyright has a duration. After 70 years has passed after the death of the artist, the work becomes public property. (As long as it has not transmitted that right)

The Canon digital

Here is another law that permits us with every kind of download and distribution of music. In article 31 of the intellectual property law reflects the right of private copying. This right allows us to make copies of works as long as it is non-profit.

But the controversy appears with the word “Canon”, since as that copy is taken for granted, the law introduces a payment to compensate the authors. The canon is found in articles such as CDs, DVDs, MP3 players, cameras, recorders, photocopiers.

 What is a Creative Commons license?

All the artists agree with the phrase “All rights reserved”, from this base arises a non-profit community that promotes and disseminates licenses “No rights reserved” Maybe closing doors to your work impedes its wide dissemination, and with this philosophy the authors who offer their works under Creative Commons license have a clear vision to spread as much as possible beyond economic interests. It has been proven that the works with all rights reserved do not leave an absolute freedom when exposing his work.

Normally, the only thing we have to do if we want to download music with a Creative Commons license is to mention the author in our work, but let’s not forget that it can be under another type of license, read very well what the characteristics of those licenses are.

 10 websites to download royalty free music

Here I present to you 10 very useful pages to put rhythm to your audiovisual works. Keep in mind what type of license the song has before using it. Most of them have a free catalog but do not forget to see their prices, since you can find very collected themes and much more variety.

  1. Audionity

They are defined as the first community of independent music composers that offer free music of any license. Community created as an opposition to the SGAE (General Society of Authors and Editors) you can get a lot of music with stipulated prices.

  1. Jamendo

Jamendo is an open community in which you will find a wide variety of music under the Creative Commons License. It includes a pro-shop, where companies pay artists to use their music for commercial use. Artists who have the vision to present new songs by independent groups. You have a huge music bank on Jamendo where you can classify them by gender, mood, instruments, and type of project or language.

  1. Soundcloud

If you do not know it yet, Soundcloud is one of the most popular pages where artists share their songs to the world. All the music here is under Creative Commons license and you can download music without any problem. Without having to register you can download the song with a simple “click”. In some of them, you must give a “like” to your Facebook page before downloading them.

  1. Audionautix

It allows you to download music under the Creative Commons 3.0 License. You are free to use the songs (even for commercial purposes) as long as the URL of the web or include the source “music by auidonautix.com” You will find a huge list of music files, where it is classified according to gender, mood, and tempo.

  1. Free Music Projects

A page dedicated to offering music free of rights for the field of advertising and marketing. It has four types of licenses with different prices. If you have an agency or radio, it is a web to keep in mind if you plan to pay monthly for music.

  1. Youtube

Youtube Audio Library offers a huge verity of songs now. Some of them totally free of license and others under Creative Commons license. Now having thousands of official channels from different media groups around the globe, you can just listen and download any music. From old classics to country music everything is officially free of cost.

  1. Vimeo

Vimeo Music Store is like Youtube, it presents a huge music library. You have to register to start downloading music and unlike Youtube, most of the songs have a price, but you can find a free stuff as well.

  1. Free Music Archive

Curator of musical themes. On this page, we can find a long list of songs under Creative Commons license, classified by genre. You can download themes or even if you like an artist you can download the entire album. You can have a huge verity of music from cult classics to folklore and country music. Featuring thousands of artists this website is indeed a good free music platform.

  1. Musopen

A very broad classical music archive. It is more like a search engine that allows you to find songs by composer, period, instruments, interpretation and form. It is a page that brings together the vast majority of classical music composers in our history.

  1. ccMixter

This page allows us to find music destined to audiovisual works, music for commercial use and even to give atmosphere to video games. The authors upload their creations and you, if you are interested, can make a totally free use of rights of that work in exchange for a contribution to the creator.

Here are some honorable mentions where you can download sound effects

  • Sound Bank of the Ministry of Education

Well yes, the Ministry offers us a huge bank of sound effects. It is one of my favorite pages where I can download millions of sound effects. There is a lot of variety and it is a source that shows you the content in an easy and very practical way when downloading the effects. In addition to providing other resources such as photographs or animations. Do not hesitate to use it.

Another very useful as well as a one-stop shop for sound effects. It is more like a search engine containing all kind of pages, allowing you to download your desired sound effect in MP3, WAV or ZIP. Under Creative Commons license and public domain, you can also use this music for a commercial purpose.

This soundbank offers us a broad list of effects. It has a selection of effects classified according to the type of license. Users upload their sound effects and offer them to the large FreeSound community.

In this free bank, you can download both MP3 and WAV, you have no limitation at the time of downloading and it is presented in a very intuitive way. You can have every kind of sound effects that can be of huge help for your personal as well as commercial use. This site also has a section of new effects where you can even upload and download all the new sound effects.

A page that makes it very easy for you to find the effect you are looking for. You can choose between 700,000 effects. It is characterized by the ease of searching among its wide classification.

Hope you like our list of 10 best free music site. Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments below.