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9 Best HD Wallpapers From the Marvel Universe

If you love superheroes and fictional characters who have grown up with us from comic books to movies all having the same purpose – kicking assesses of villains.

Marvel Universe – a fictional universe where the stories in most American comic book titles and some other media published by Marvel Comics take place. Teams such as the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Inhumans, the Defenders, the New Warriors, and other Marvel superheroes live in this universe, other characters includes Spider-Man, Thor, the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Daredevil, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Blade, the Punisher, Deadpool, Ghost Rider,  Nova, Silver Surfer, Moon Knight and several others.

These characters have a separate fan base and fans fantasize about them, decorate the rooms with their big posters and also pick stuff that is inspired by the superhero’s themes. So, I think it’s not a bad idea to beautify your phone’ screen with these Marvel Universe wallpaper.

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9 Best HD Wallpapers from the Marvel Universe

Best HD Wallpapers From the Marvel Universe

There are few superheroes out there but the Marvel Universe heroes are a rage in these days. In this article, you will find some high-quality wallpapers from the Marvel universe that you can easily try on your phone or even on PC.

1. Super Villains

Super Villains

What is a hero without an arch enemy? Right?  Black Panther has Acebe, Iron Man has Mandarin, and Thor has his sister Hela. Every superhero has an enemy who we normally refer to a villain. Tell us in the comment who do you think is the greatest superhero?

Download the wallpaper in full resolution

2. The Unbreakable Shield

The Unbreakable Shield

The primary weapon of Steve Roger, the Shield, that is nearly indestructible and is created from an alloy of Vibranium and Steel. Did you have any idea that the Vibranium was sourced from Wakanda? Which is also a Wakanda.

Download the wallpaper in full resolution

3. Good ol’cap

Good ol’cap

When Steve Rogers crashed in the Arctic, you can notice the shield which was also in a state of suspended animation … just like the Captain.

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Fun Fact: In the late ’90s Michael Jackson looked into buying Marvel Comics because he wanted to play Spider-Man in a movie.

4. The Lord of Thunder

The Lord of Thunder

Thor: Ragnarok is one of the first movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that focuses more on female characters. This was a major milestone for the production house.

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5. The Sorcerer Supreme

The Sorcerer Supreme

Talented yet arrogant. Did you know that Stephen Strange aka Doctor Strange has befriended many popular sorcerers around the world?

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6. The Warrior King

The Warrior King

The first intrusion in Wakanda coincided of Ulysses Klaue aka Klaw visited, who kills T’Chaka (T’Challa’s father) in the process of stealing Vibranium.

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7. Them Eyes

Them Eyes

Scott Summers or should I say Cyclops, as most of us usually call the mutant, was one of the first official X-Men members.

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8. The Harbinger of Doom

The Harbinger of Doom

Doctor Doom is both a sorcerer and an inventor. He has faced a slew of superheroes such as Black Panther, Iron man, and Reed Richards.

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9. Claws of Adamantium

Claws of Adamantium

Adamantium is quite indestructible practically and has appeared in a number of Marvel Comics. Did you know that the outer shell of Ultron is made from Adamantium which is a fictional metal alloy?

Download the wallpaper in full resolution

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Final Word

There are some cool and best marvel universe wallpaper that you can download to display on your phone or PC’s screen. Don’t forget to mention which wallpaper you are going to display on your phone’ screen.

Till then give you phones and PC a new look with the help of these amazing wallpapers as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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