Best iPhone Emulators For Windows [2020]

People like using their smartphones from time to time for different things. Since the release of these devices, many users have taken the advantage of these and are still taking it. Smartphones are capable of providing a lot of information like notifications, news and weather updates. Information like this on a single device makes a life of a user easy.

But there are some users who are not great fans of smartphones like iOS and Android. These users prefer big screens and a good audio system so that they can enjoy every inch of their usage. They want to run mobile applications on their PCs without compromising the quality of the application. There are many ways by which a user can run iOS and Andoird application on PC. Official softwares are also available for some devices like Samsung but the generic way is using emulators.

 What are emulators?:

Emulators are softwares which enable a user to run the application of one operating system on to another operating system. When using this software the host system behaves like the guest system and all of the applications of a guest system can be played. Users can also attach peripheral devices with the system and can be used with the emulators.

Are emulators better?

Emulators reduce the cost of buying another personal computer. Programmers can test their new applications onto the emulated PC. This makes them test their application to an extent and evaluate their software.

iOS emulators:

iOS emulators are used in running iOS applications on Windows PC. Users can use this software to play iOS games and run applications on their PC. The developers can also run their applications for testing on Windows PC.

There are a number of iOS emulators available on the market that can be downloaded and installed on PC. Some of these emulators differ in the features only and some differ due to their user interface. Don’t worry, I have compiled a list of iOS emulators to save you from this misery.

Best iPhone Emulators For Windows:

There are the listed emulators that can be used to run iOS applications on Windows PC. Some of these softwares have user-friendly interface and some have features like built for app developers.

The first emulator on the list is and is developed solely for running iOS applications on Windows. Due to its popularity, many sites like Shopify and TELUS trust this emulator to run and test the iOS apps.  The simulator works by uploading the app on its site and then it can be used on any browser. Testers can also upload the app via API and can play it on Windows PC. Developers can test their apps by automatic testing and can get a detailed analysis of their app by using this software.

Best iPhone Emulators For Windows [2019]

Another feature like app streaming is also available on this emulator. Users can directly stream and play their iOS applications without needing to pick the iPhone. The advantage of this emulator is that it is good for app developers as it provides a good environment for them. However, the disadvantage is that occasional lagging occurs while using the app.


Another emulator built for testing iOS apps is Xamarin. The emulator is an official app from Apple and can be used to test and run iOS applications on Windows. Many developers use this emulator and analyze their newly developed apps. Users need Microsoft Visual Studio and a MAC attached to run this software. Testflight is a app that is owned by Apple and is used to run Beta testing of the apps and this can be done in this emulator. Users can also troubleshoot their applications which are having problems by using this software.

Best iPhone Emulators For Windows [2019]

Xaramin is not easy to use and it is not easy to test apps in this software but it is still worth it. Due to its features, it is recommended by app developers out there. The main advantage of this emulator is that it is solely made for developers as it provides an environment for coders. The disadvantage of this is that it is a complex emulator and is not for beginners.

Electric Mobile Studio:

Electric Mobile Studio is developed by ElectricPlum. The emulator is for testing developed apps and is used by many coders and programmers. The thing about the emulator is not only iPhone but the iPad can also be connected to this emulator. It comes integrated with Visual Studio so that programmers can code their apps. Users can run the same app on multiple iOS devices and can evaluate the result using this emulator.

Best iPhone Emulators For Windows [2019]

It also comes with Chrome and WebKit Debugging Tools so that you can work easily on apps and codes. Electric Mobile Studio is easy to use even for beginners and provide a good user-interface. Users can beta test their iOS apps and even troubleshoot the apps in this software. The emulator is available on their ElectricPlum website along


iPadian is not an emulator for testing and development phases but in fact, it is just a normal emulator like an Android emulator. Users can use the iOS app in Windows and can play games of iOS on big screens. iPadian is a not fully unlocked emulator like others, you cannot access Appstore and cannot download apps. Only apps made for iPadian can be used on this software.

Best iPhone Emulators For Windows [2019]

iPadian has an interface just like iPhones and iPads but on a PC or a Laptop. Users can play games made for iOS on laptops and can access other apps also. The company calls its software a simulator, not an emulator as it does not create a local version of iOS on PCs. The software is free and can be downloaded from their website. iPadian has limited functionality but it is still worth it to use this software on PC.

AIR iPhone:

The last on the list is AIR iPhone and yes it is again for developers and app makers. Before compiling an app for a final release, the app needs to be tested for bugs and issues. AIR iPhone does this gracefully and easily. Users upload the application on this and can see what the app will look like when released.

Best iPhone Emulators For Windows [2019]

AIR iPhone is considered the best due to its framework the same as the actual iPhone. The emulator is easy to use, even for coders and game developers. The program is free and can be installed easily on the PC without any hassle.


The listed emulators are for iOS applications and can be installed in Windows operating system and some even on MAC. Most of these emulators are for developers and coders so that they can run their apps before release. As a. iOS user, I have used these apps on PC and some of them are not user-friendly and require a knowledge of coding and programming. Others have a friendly user interface and are easy to use.