9 Best iPhone Keyboard Apps [ 2019 ]

If you are looking for the best free iPhone keyboard apps 2019 to enhance your typing experience then below you can find a list of some of the best free iOS Keyboard apps 2019 that you can use to get hassle-free typing experience.

There is no one denying the fact that devices by Apple are quite smart and efficient. But all agree on this that the iPhone keyboard is not as good as it should be. While Android users are lucky as they can easily add alternative keyboards in their device but the iOS brought this facility for the users in 2014 with iOS 8.

Go through the list of best iPhone keyboard apps 219 and choose the best keyboard for your iPhone right away.

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9 Best iPhone Keyboard Apps [ 2019]

iPhone keyboard apps

There is a huge number of iPhone keyboard apps available on the iOS app store that can be used to improve your typing experience. These third-party keyboard apps come with tons of useful features, and they can enhance your overall typing experience. With the help of these keyboard apps, you can use features like emojis, smart suggestions, swipe typing, etc.

Without any doubt, we all know that Apple devices are smart and dominating the gadget section. But just like all other mobile operating systems, iOS also has some drawbacks. One of the major disadvantages of the iPhone is its keyboard lacks basic features. However, just like Android devices, we can also use some third-party keyboard app to improve the efficiency of the keyboard.

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So now, you have an option of changing the keyboard in iPhone for a more effective experience. There are many third-party keyboard applications in Apple App Store as said above that allow you to add efficient and cool keyboards. With plenty of useful options available to offer you the facility of keyboard background, a dedicated iPhone emoji keyboard, custom key click sounds, swipe typing, etc., you can also change your iPhone keypad a per you like.

1. Swiftkey Keyboard

One of the best and most popular keyboard apps, Swiftkey Keyboard is an interesting app that you can use on your iOS device right now. The app is very popular amongst Android users as well, and it offers some unique features. The impressive thing about SwiftKey keyboard is its autocorrect feature that can effectively detect mistypes and fixes it for you. One more best thing about SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone is its emoji prediction to automatically predict the most suitable emojis when you are typing.

The keyboard app has tonnes of options available for customization to enhance effectiveness and productivity. It can be a great option for those people who are tired of the default iPhone keyboard and want to try something new and precise.

Features of SwiftKey Keyboard App

  • Impressive predictive text and autocorrect function which learns while you type
  • It supports more than 90 languages
  • You can easily check usage stats that includes distance typed, words predicted by the app, words typed using flow, etc., and for that, you need to go the Settings of the app.
  • 2 language support for autocorrect

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2. Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard is another iPhone keyboard app on the list that offers users a huge number of unique features. The impressive thing about Go Keyboard is that it maintains a very clean look and provides a few customization options that can help you to transform the look of the keyboard. Other interesting features of Go Keyboard include swipe type, multiple themes, custom symbols, etc. So, this app is another best iOS keyboard app that you must consider to use.

You can download Go Keyboard if you want to converse in the local language of your country which is not easily available in other keyboard apps for iOS. Plenty of customization options is another significant feature of this third-party app.

Features of GO Keyboard App

  • Fantasy stickers include Peanuts, Snowman, Shrek, etc. that you can use to make your chats interesting.
  • More than 1000 themes that are updated on a weekly basis to change the background of the keyboard.
  • It is one of the few apps that offer the option to adjust the height of the keyboard.
  • The option to choose from 40 languages makes it a much better option as compared to other apps on the list.

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3. Gboard

Gboard from Google is another useful keyboard app that offers a number of unique features. The promising thing about Gboard is that it offers a small Google button on the app that you can use to search the web without even leaving the current app. Other than that, the keyboard app also offers a few unique themes that can completely transform the look of your keyboard app. Some other features of Gboard include swipe typing, spacebar that can be used as a trackpad and much more.

Gboard app is one of the most popular keyboard apps that is used by many iPhone users. The app’s card styled format makes it quite easy to use and you can also share content within the keyboard. With the help of Google search facility, you can search meanings of words, search GIFs and share match scores with your friends.

Features of Gboard App

  • To enables voice diction that is powered by Google, long press on the space bar
  • Spacebar in the keyboard functions as a trackpad for the devices that support 3D touch
  • The app supports swipe texting feature
  • Integrated Google search engine to quickly search anything without switching the apps

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4. TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal Keyboard is one of the best keyboard apps available on the iOS app store. The promising thing about TouchPal Keyboard is that it offers plenty of keyboard themes to apply. Not just that, TouchPal also offers users swipe typing, words suggestions, auto-correct, emoji predictions, and much more. So, TouchPal Keyboard is another best iOS keyboard app that you can easily use right now.

This app is specifically the best app if you are looking to try new themes and want a cool keyboard on your mobile phone. This simple keyboard app also allows you to use another amazing feature called Swype typing.

Features of TouchPal Keyboard App

  • Various options in terms of themes that are updated on a regular basis.
  • The app also has support for emoji prediction.
  • Feature of iPhone swipe keyboard that you can use to enjoy owe to TouchPal Curve technology of the app.

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5. Bitmoji

Another amazing keyboard app for iPhone 2019 is Bitmoji that you can use right away. The best thing about Bitmoji is that it has everything that you need for your typing. Options from text suggestions to auto-predict, Bitmoji has had all of the required options. However, the keyboard app focuses more on emoji, and it also offers plenty of emojis that you can use to express your mood. So, Bitmoji is another best emoji keyboard app that you can easily use on your iPhone.

The only reason for adding Bitmoji iPhone Keyboard app in this list is to provide an option for those users who want more than mere texts. And I personally feel, with your avatar, you can express yourself in a better manner.

Features of Bitmoji Keyboard App

  • Express your mood better with your avatar by selecting from various options.
  • You can also log in with snapchat app.

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6. Fleksy

Fleksy is another popular keyboard app which is available on the iOS app store and the app claims that it can help you improve the ability of your typing. other than that, Fleksy also offers multiple themes to choose from. Not just that, Fleksy also offers users gifs and stickers that user can easily use on various social networking sites. One more thing, Fleksy is also one of the first iPhone keyboard apps to have gesture typing as well.

Fleksy app for iPhone is specifically designed to minimize the efforts users put in for typing. The simple gestures are easy to use and it can also save you time. It may take some time to get used to this keyboard app, but once you are ready, typing will be more fun with this app.

Features of Fleksy App

  • Users can also select the keyboard size from the 3 given options in the third-party keyboard app.
  • Users can easily change keyboard font by choosing from the available list of fonts given in settings.
  • Gesture control option that will allow you to add space, punctuation mark and even delete a word and for that just swipe across the keyboard.

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7. FancyKey

As the name of the app says, FancyKey is for those people who are looking for a keyboard app with a huge number of customization option. The app offers users tons of customization options that can transform the typing experience of users. Guess what? FancyKey offers more than 100 fonts and more than 50 themes that you can choose from. Other than that, FancyKey is also known for its smart features of auto-prediction and auto-correct.

Without any doubt, FancyKey app is one of the best keyboards for iPhone that provides customization options as well as all amazing keyboard features such as auto-suggest, double space for full-stop, auto-correct, etc. This is a paid iOS keyboard app that comes with a free trial of 3 days.

Features of FancyKey App

  • Swipe input method with accurate and precise predictions for typing errorless.
  • Smart features of auto-correct and auto-suggest that can save you time when you are typing.
  • Integrated emoji keyboard to add emojis with one touch.
  • Mode of the one-handed keyboard for those users who operate phone on one hand.

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8. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard is a very impressive iOS keyboard app that every user would love to have. The promising thing about Grammarly Keyboard is that it offers a number of unique features that you can use to improve both your typing as well as grammar skills. The app automatically detects mistypes and shows you the correct word right away. Not just that, Grammarly Keyboard also corrects the grammatical errors, and it also shows a brief explanation on every correction as well.

Grammarly Keyboard is the best iPhone keyboard app if you really want to eliminate typos completely. So surely, it is a must-have keyboard app if your type official emails and your business documents on your iPhone. The best thing about Grammarly Keyboard is that it is free to use.

Features of Grammarly Keyboard App

  • A precise autocorrect system for error-free typing.
  • You can also choose from American English, British English, Australian English, and Canadian English as your default language for keyboard.
  • Every correction comes with a brief explanation that will help you to understand the word.

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9. Blink Keyboard

Blink Keyboard is considered as one of the best keyboard apps for iPhone. Although the app doesn’t offer users lots of customization options, the app has amazing features that make the app stand out from the crowd. The app for iOS is known for its advanced auto-correction tool that effectively corrects every mistype. The other features of Blink Keyboard add gesture support, one-hand mode, and much more.

Features of Blink Keyboard App

  • One-hand keyboard feature to help users type easily on iPhone Plus models and iPads.
  • A variety of themes with various options to change the keyboard fonts.
  • A keyboard can be split into two in portrait mode for easy typing.

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Wrapping up

With the above-mentioned keyboard apps for iPhone, you can easily ditch the default iOS keyboard. It is quite difficult to choose the best keyboard app for iPhones as all apps are somehow offering the same features. It all depends on your requirement and usage. You can easily choose your favorite keyboard app from the list given above. Don’t forget to mention your thoughts in the comment section and tell us which app you have picked to ditch your default keyboard.

Till then enjoy a new typing experience with the help of these apps of iPhone as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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