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10 Best iPhone Launchers for Android & iOS 2019

Today we will discuss the best iPhone launchers in the year 2018 to completely transform your smartphone’s interface similar to the iOS interface.

iPhone Launchers for Android

So, are you using an android phone and completely in love with its interface, but guess what? There is a surprising thing to tell you about. All the devices of iPhone/iPad have a very impressive flow of functions within them, however, a number of users failed to appreciate the lacking of custom options that are present in the interface of iOS.

Nevertheless, a good thing for the readers here is, you can look for the similar interfaces of these iOS elements as we have prepared a number of iPhone launchers list which are the best ones that you can use to convert your android phone’s interface to look like iOS’s interface.

10 Best iPhone Launchers for Android And iOS 2019:

So, without further due check them right now.

About iPhone / iOS launchers:

In simple words, these iPhone and iOS launchers will replace the current launcher in your android phone with the interface of the iPhone devices interface. There is nothing to do with the performance of the device.

Surely, we will need to try them out one by one to check which launcher show more responsiveness than the other ones, but the overall performance of your phone totally depends on the mobile hardware that you use.

If you don’t feel the smooth running of your launcher as you expected, then do make sure to try out any other iPhone launcher or think about to upgrade your smartphone with improved hardware specifications.

10 Best iPhone/iOS Launchers (for Android):

1. One Launcher

It is considered as the best launcher for iPhone all around the world of web as it amazingly stimulates the iOS interface accurately.

One Launcher

First of all, one launcher imitates the transition effects of iOS, displaying pack icons showing many similarities to system icons. As in iOS, these icons will be scattered around the screen but you can put them with ease where ever you want using the customization options.

You will also get to see that the apps in this launcher will be located category wise that will also simplify the user experience if you are looking to find out any application of particular use.

If you are using Marshmallow or any other updated version for your android then you must give this launcher a try as it will refresh the overall performance on your phone, you will be required to give some permissions to get complete access to the launcher.

Lastly, our recommendations for you is to install this One launcher to enjoy the best simulation of iOS.

2. OS 10 Launcher

OS 10 Launcher is very much similar to the iOS launcher and the best thing about this is you don’t need to get the premium version for the changes. The icons of the system will be going to replaced with the Apple icons. This app also supports the transitions effects and the way apps will open on iPhone.

OS 10 Launcher

And after that, you can also customize things the way you like and if you really want a launcher that perfectly imitates the minor details to display iPhone interface than you are landed to the perfect place.

It also has a widget for weather that require minimum effort to use as you just need to add the name of the city and where you are residing and then you will start seeing weather widget that looks similar to Apple right away.

3. xOS iPhone Launcher

One more name making to the top list is xOS iPhone Launcher. The very one thing that distinguishes this from other launchers is that the smooth interface that it provides regardless of the smartphone’s hardware.

XOS launcher

xOS iPhone Launcher also showcases the amazing effects and also provides customization options which users love on their device.

If you are using a cheap smartphone and still want to enjoy the iOS interface feel then this is the best choice you must try.

4. Phone X Launcher

Did you ever used the iPhone X and impressed by its default launcher’s cohesive elements? If yes, then you surely want to have that same feel for your phone but you are not willing to spend money of that amount. So, in that scenario, you don’t need to worry about this as this Phone X launcher is a good option to go with and it is available without any cost in Google Play Store. If you are concerned about the look you can easily change your phone to iPhone interface with this launcher.

Phone X Launcher

Apart from this, there are certain things that we should be kept in our mind as this launcher completely imitate the interface of iPhone X along with the notch.

Lastly, if no notch fiasco is present in phones than these things will not make a very good impression as you want but the interesting thing to notice here is it has some quite good customization options for you that surely you can use to customize and make changes as you like.

5. iLauncher

iLauncher is the best launcher for android as it shines in many regions. If you used android for most of the time in your life then you will take some time to get used to this interface. Still, there are a lot of things that you will love about this launcher like a variety to customize options, transition effects of iOS and gestures. But these options will be of limited use in the free version of iLauncher.

iLaunchre OS 9

iLauncher contains many amazing features like unread badged count (available in paid version only). If you are willing to pay money than you will be accessing more transition effects and gestures as well.

6. Espier Launcher

Espier Launcher is an extremely amazing launcher that will completely change its look and how you see your android phone after the second after installing.

 Espier Launcher

For the very first time, displays the replacement app for a screen and will go to the ends shows your smartphone working lag-free. It will also not affect the overall working of your phone as mentioned above.

Because of the many optimization options, resulting in the alteration of the home screen of app more responsive ending up a snappier phone in your hand. You will certainly not face any limitations when setting up the widgets except you need to keep in mind the limit of widgets which is eight.

There are two types of Espier Launcher i6 and i7, with amazing look and customization options that will completely change your phone’s overall look you will be pleased to see the results.

7. i6 Plus iOS Launcher

I am sure you got this from the name that this launcher derived from the amazing iPhone 6. i6 Plus iOS Launcher gives you the feel of using iPhone 6 and it is completely free application to use but loaded with tons of ads that definitely you will not like.

If we talk about the performance, i6 Plus iOS Launcher provides a smooth home screen performance which somehow feels snappy when you start using it and you don’t need to worry about the hammering performance as it is somehow it is the nature of android to become fragment over time to time.

Lastly, apart from the expected slowing down of your phone, you will have a list amazing wallpapers to select to beautify home screen as well.

8. Launcher For iPhone 7 (Discontinued)

launcher for iPhone 7 is considered as a decent launcher of iOS for the android devices by completely nailing one thing and that is enabling the iPhone lock screen for your android phone but the unfortunate thing here is that this lock screen comes with some drawbacks.

Launcher For iPhone 7

In the very start, the lock screen will get activated the phone is unlocked and then it is perfectly nailing the simulation, the user interface looks amazing but there will be many ads present which might irritate you and you will look for some better alternatives.

If you get iterated by the ads you can consider some other options on the list.

9. iLauncher For OS 10 (Discontinued)

A simple but amazing launcher filled with amazing features iLauncher For OS 10 completely follow the interface of iOS except for one thing and that is lacking customization options. All of your system’s icon will be replaced with the Apple icons making it look and feel like an iPhone.

 iLauncher For OS 10

One thing required to appreciate of this app is the unread badge count that is available in the free version app so you don’t need to go for the premium version as it will be a very amazing addition in your smartphone. But the unfortunate thing is the unread badge count is available for messaging only and it will prevent you to make another customization spree.

And lastly, ads of the full screen will also show up making your experience somehow bitter and again if you don’t like ads to show up you can check for other options on the list.

10. Pro 8 Launcher (Discontinued)

Pro 8 Launcher is intended to transform your Android screen into the well-decorated interface exactly like iPhone. You will surely experience some features that are required to make you believe this.

Pro 8 Launcher

To get started, you will hit with a very beautiful screen that will allow you to enter the pin number a very initial thing that you will encounter when you will open the display of your phone.

If we talk about the lock surely, Pro 8 Launcher has left all the other launchers behind however you face the drawer of this app but you will be pleased to see the eye catchy icons.

Although the icons will be going to show in HD quality. However, we will recommend you to go for a smartphone with high resolution and OLED screen.

You can download this app from Google play store and compare to other launchers this you will be relieved by not seeing.

Best Launcher for iPhone / iOS Users

iPhone does not support launchers as android does, and in that way, app developers had come with clever methods for this problem.

Launch Center Pro

An app filled with some amazing features to provide the functionalities that launchers are required to provide and we picked “Launch Center Pro” which not only allows launching this app but also some specific operations within this app.

Launch Center Pro

It will make your everyday task much easier with easy shortcuts. You will experience several things like dark and light themes, Dropbox backups, launch creation tool, IFTTT support, automation settings and much more.

These features are making this app the best for the iOS devices make sure to try this out for once.

Final Verdict:

Every mentioned iOS/iPhone launcher in this list contains something different that distinguishes them from the rest and it totally depends on the personal liking you might like that launcher which is not liked by the other person or maybe it does not suit his requirement.

But you never know what comes next. So, do try all these amazing launchers as I am pretty sure you will find the best one from the list and don’t forget to mention your thoughts in comment section.