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5 Best Radio Apps for Android to Listen to Local AM/FM Radio

Radio Apps for Android

Music is considered as one of the best therapies if you are depressed. Next, to love, it is the best solution to any problem. If we can recall, music has been with us as long as we can remember. But thanks to technology, we now have a huge range of options available to listen to our favorite music and radio stations. Internet radio has involved streaming media and it presents a continuous stream of audio that is surely enough to freshen up your mood. Other than that, music is one of the most popular ways to release stress and anxiety.

5 Best Radio Apps for Android to Listen to Local AM/FM Radio

There are many ways that you can use to listen to music such as stream them, listen through radio, music videos, and the old method like vinyl are still along as they were. There are times when people just want to hit play and go without waiting to manage every little thing such as play order, playlist, and some other things like that. Now, radio is not used by people as its people were using it before due to some easy alternative ways to access and enjoy music. However, it is still a great way to explore new music and chill out.

Similar to music apps, you can also have radio apps that allow you to listen to your preferred and favorite songs. You can also create your playlist as well. With the help of radio apps, you will not only access on-demand music but you can also keep yourself informed about the latest news, comedy shows, talk shows, and podcasts.

Radio might be an outdated medium for some people but the rise of smartphones has completely transformed the meaning of radio to the world. You can access FM radio on your smartphone. Everything will be at your fingertips – from the most niche podcast to the big commercial stations.

We have come a long way to enjoy high-quality audio entertainment. Although the use of AM/FM has been decreased over the past few years, it is still a major form of communication. Wherever the technology takes this radio communication, the love for radio will never die.

Radio is a great company while driving or working out. Most of the smartphone comes with the inbuilt radio app but such apps only pay local stations. But there are a huge number of Android apps available that lets you stream radio online. These apps provide access to numerous radio stations from all around the world.

FM radio for smartphones

Theoretically, you can receive FM radio through your smartphone, although that’s becoming a hard thing with the removal of the headphone jack on many smartphones – the plug acts as an antenna, and since USB-C headphones don’t have it so they can’t perform the same function.

Some Android smartphones have a system app that you can operate as a conventional car radio – it will search for stations, save your favorites, and you can listen with headphones, the internal speaker or even through Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, radios are a pure receiving medium, so there is no chance for you to search for specific tracks or even skip songs. Also, only a few FM radio apps will allow you to record. If you’re interested in these things there is the best web-based app for you to go with like Audials.

If you don’t have a radio app installed on your phone, then don’t worry you can get it one through the Google Play Store. Something like Smart Radio FM which is very clean and simple to use the app.  Select country and then your preferred FM radio station. It’s even better than a real FM Radio as it will allow you to access regional stations that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. You can even browse stations if you are not sure what you are looking for and even favorite your most listened radio stations in your favorites list.

Note: The below-mentioned list does not follow any order. You can choose the app according to your requirements.

1. Audials


Audials is an amazing radio app as it is very well designed, so it surely leaves a good first impression if we focus on its functionality. The main selling point of this app is the range of radio stations that it provides and settings it includes, as this is excellent. This radio fan managed to put together a list of his favorite songs within a few minutes. According to the developer, there are more than 80,000 stations available and, as you would expect and it includes a huge number of podcasts and recordings of interesting radio programs.

If you want you can also transfer your music from Audials to your TV through Chromecast. Another additional bonus is that you can also record and save music without having to worry about the issues of copyright. This data can be transferred to an SD card as well. You can also use Audials on the PC.

In the Pro version, you can automatically record pieces of music and create collections of your favorite hits so you will be able to listen to this offline.

Features of Audials:

  • The app lets you find the best radio station for your favorite music.
  • Your radio recorder.
  • It’s an amazing Podcatcher with 260,000 plus Podcasts.
  • Fast zapping between radio stations.
  • Stream to Chromecast and Airplay.
  • Cloud manager and SD-memory card.
  • Wireless Music Syncing

[appbox googleplay com.audials]

2. Pandora Music

Pandora Music

Pandora is without any doubt one of the best Android radio apps on the market. Also, it shows itself as a considerable alternative to TuneIn radio as well.

Pandora Radio is probably the most popular of all radio apps. The app has made streaming random music mainstream and has enjoyed quite a bit of success over the last few years. Instead of focusing on specific stations, the app lets users create their own stations. So, you can make them around your favorite artist, song or even music genre.

Pandora also offers playlists to stream, but most people rely on creating their own. You have to deal with ads in the free version of the app so you can also get a premium subscription to get rid of ads for $4.99 per month. You can also go for the full $9.99 per month for Pandora Premium and get on-demand song plays with a lot of other interesting features. The app also runs on Android Wear 2.0.

However, currently, it only works in the US. Instead of dealing with particular stations, you can create your own stations in Pandora as mentioned-above. You can do that by searching for a particular genre, artist, or song, etc. It also offers various playlists that you can stream. If you like any specific song, then you can even ‘like’ it, and the app will program the station based on your likes. This is an excellent way to discover new songs matching your music taste.

The free version of the app displays ads. However, the app has a premium version that will allow you to stream ad-free music along with other extra features such as high-quality audio streaming.

Features of Pandora Music:

  • Unlimited personalized stations
  • Up to four stations for offline listening
  • Unlimited skips and replays
  • Higher quality audio
  • Listen and stream with no ads

[appbox googleplay com.pandora.android&hl=en]

3. XiiaLive


XiiaLive is considered as one of the best FM radio app and the world’s largest radio communications data provider as well. As the app developer said, “With hundreds of thousands of members, Radio Reference is a world leading collaboration platform for public safety communications professionals and hobbyists”. The app has a huge range of radio stations which you can personalize as you like.

XiiaLive is a fully-featured Android radio app and it provides you more than 50,000 radio stations from all around the world. You can search by song or even through artist names. Other then music, you can also listen to different talk shows on various topics. The app is organized properly, and it allows you to save your favorite stations as well.

The app supports various streaming audio formats. It includes a sleep timer and an alarm feature which you can use to wake up to your favorite station.

XiiaLive is highly customizable and it includes a number of themes, app control features, option for backup and restores, etc. the app also has a built-in equalizer. It is completely free to download with no in-app purchases but you have to deal with ads.

Features of XiiaLive:

  • Search for any song or even artist, show playing at any place and play it.
  • 50,000 plus radio stations from all around the world.
  • The app has directories like SHOUTcast which can help you to find out what you are looking for.
  • If you want to list the song again, REWIND by using the SEEKBAR and enjoy the song once again.
  • Add the song or station you like to your favorite list
  • Go to HISTORY to find songs or stations that you recently played.
  • Discover new stations with our SCAN feature
  • Fall asleep and wake up to your favorite stations.
  • Share the song or station through Facebook or Twitter

[appbox googleplay com.android.DroidLiveLite]

4. iHeartRadio


iHeartRadio is a very known and one of the best radio apps available for Android. The app allows you to stream more than thousands of radio stations along with a huge collection of podcasts as well. Users can save and replay songs. You can also discard any station that you are not interested in. You can look for any playlists based on your mood, seasonal activities, different genres, etc. It comes with Chromecast and Android Wear support as well.

iHeartRadio is free to download but you have to deal with ads. However, you can go for monthly subscriptions for some extra features.

This app has a high rating of 4.7 stars, with many users praising its clean user interface and a variety of customization options. With iHeartRadio, you can easily create a personalized music station based on songs that you previously liked. The app also features podcasts from different personalities Colin Cowherd, like Ryan Seacrest, Sean Hannity, Bobby Bones, and others.

The cheaper subscription plan costs $4.99 a month, and the expensive plan costs $9.99 a month. If you are more interested in creating your own playlists and listen to them offline, then the expensive plan is the best option for you to go with. On the other hand, if you just want to replay your favorite songs and skip those that you don’t like then there is no need to go for the expensive plan, the cheaper plan would be enough for you.

Features of iHeartRadio:

  • Listen to music in HD quality, live and on the move.
  • Catch up / replay to all your favorite shows whenever you like.
  • Download and listen to shows offline perfect option while traveling. Right?
  • Listen to Heart ’80s as well as Heart extra.
  • Subscribe to your favorite shows so you can download them automatically.
  • Check the playlist for music information and show schedules to see what’s coming up next.
  • Discover award-winning audio shows in the Podcasts section.
  • Watch the latest shows on Heart TV.
  • Get the latest artist news and much more.

[appbox googleplay com.thisisglobal.player.heart]

5. AccuRadio


AccuRadio is yet another best free radio app for Android that offers more than 1000 free customizable radio channels. You can choose from 50 plus different genres of music like pop, rock, jazz, country, alternative, etc. To use the app, you need to sign up first.

You can customize each channel and blacklist songs or even artists that you don’t like. The app lets you search for any particular station. You can also mark stations as favorite. Other than that, there is a History tab in the app as well where you can search for channels that you previously viewed. The app is completely free to download with no-app purchases but it contains ads.

Features of AccuRadio:

  • Save your favorite music channels and your listening history as well
  • Rate songs and unlock your own channel
  • Never run out of song skips
  • Ban artists or songs from a specific channel if you don’t like
  • Share your favorite songs and channels as well

[appbox googleplay com.slipstream.accuradio]

Final Words

As you can see from the above-mentioned list, there are a lot of excellent choices available of radio apps that you can choose to go with. Some of these apps will allow you to play FM radio, as long as the FM chip is enabled in your phone; however, you need to keep this thing in mind that no smartphone on the market offers AM technology. Smartphones are limited to FM exclusively, and that’s if your carrier has the FM chip-enabled on your smartphone.

That was the list guys. I hope the article helps you to find the best radio app for you to enjoy your favorite music and radio shows. Till then accompany yourself with some amazing music and interesting radio shows as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you. And don’t forget to tell us about your favorite radio app in the comment section.

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