Best Snapchats to Add – February 2019

Snapchat is an amazing app that shares your silly moments and snaps with your friends. But since it got started in 2011, this app has surely started a new trend to attract new brands and personalities. This app is way more than just seeing what your friends are up to. Snapchat also allows you to catch breaking news, appreciate others artwork and get incredible laughs. All at a single place.

Best Snapchats to Add – February 2019

Best Snapchats to Add – February 2019

Below you can find a list of 32 most popular snapchat accounts with various interest fields. Read till the end to find out the most interesting snapchat accounts related to different categories such as Art, Animals, Gaming, and lifestyle etc.

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Glamorous Lifestyles

1. DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled

If you use snapchat regularly then probably you have heard of this name that is around the sphere of social media for a while now. DJ Khalid is a radio personality, a radio producer and a DJ. In this age where playing beats over radio waves has become a serious profession now. you can follow him on snapchat to see his interesting adventures.

Snapname: djkhaled305

2. Bobby “Hundreds” Kim

Bobby “Hundreds” Kim

Bobby Kim is the co-founder of L.A. streetwear brand and widely known as Bobby Hundreds. He is very popular on snapchat. You can follow him to enjoy the behind the scene snaps. He is surely living wildlife that is a bit of a wild card.

Snapname: bobbyhundreds

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The terminator who has turned into governator offers the backstage world from two sides: Hollywood and Politics. You can learn the important things that are required to be a super star on the screen and a respected politician on the other side as well. Other than that, you will see a lot if gym selfies as well.

Snapname: arnoldschnitzel

4. Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

If you follow celebrities for the style you should follow Ryan Seacrest that gives us all those looks that are in the limelight with his red carpet interviews.

Snapname: ryanseacrest

Works of Art

There are plenty of editing tools in snapchat and with the help of those, your snaps will be much more than of reality. Some users made it their business to make the snaps perfect through these editing tools.

1. Christine Mi

Christine Mi

Christine snaps her selfies and then draw some work of art around her pretty face. Who is here who does not want to be the star of this kind of cute paintings?

Snapname: miologie

2. Chino


This snapchatter has one name but he is not belting the ballads. He snaps movies and tv shows elaborately by inserting his face in the middle. If you love movies, then you will get a kick of all the offers that Chino is providing.

Snapname: turbanchino

3. Georgio Bassil

Georgio BassilGeorgio adds particular whimsical monsters to his snaps. He has the talent to create these kinds of amazing lovable creatures. His every snap will surely give you a unique experience.

Snapname: georgio.copter

4. Cyrene Quiamco

Cyrene QuiamcoCyrene was once a web designer working for Verizon and now, she is a full-time snapchatter. She makes living way more entertaining through her snaps. Her colorful and elaborated snaps will surely entertain you and the interesting thing that sets her apart is the celebrity selfies and this is the point where she draws detailed images next to her own and that really sets her apart.

Snapname: cyreneq

Social Media Animals

There are many accounts that are full of adorable snouts and cute fluffy faces.

1. Doug the Pug

Doug the PugDoug will surely make you smile with its cute facial expressions and his smooshy face is having a strong internet player for a while now.

Snapname: itsdougthe pug

2. The Dodo

The DodoPopular social media platforms especially Instagram has a major presence on Snapchat, to help people to watch adorable videos in the same app where you message your friends. In Dodo, you will find creatures of all sort such as cats, dogs, snakes, and pigs.

Snapname: thedodo

3. Jiff

A Pomeranian, which is considered as an ideal companion. You can follow Jiff to see the cute snaps of a very cute Pomeranian.

Snapname: jiffpom

4. WeSnapDogs

WeSnapDogsWant more dog snaps at a single pace? Then you need to follow WeSnapDogs to see snaps of up to twenty different pups every day. It acts as a catalyst where you can find new photos of dogs every day around the world.

Snapname: wesnapdogs

Lifestyle Lessons

If you are done with cute animal pictures then you might need something you can use. Below see some helpful gurus.

1. Cassey Ho

Cassey HoCassy, a fitness guru who has makes it her snapchat mission to make other people motivated.

Snapname: blogilates

2. Naomi Davis

Naomi DavisA lifestyle blogger, Naomi loves to take snaps of her three kids, her city and how manages her work to balance all the things.

Snapname: love.taza

3. Erica Domesek

Erica DomesekThis is probably the handiest snapchat that you can find in the list. She definitely knows how to share what she knows with the followers and the information includes craft tips, behind the scenes, snap, tasty foods etc.

Snapname: psimadethis

Fashion Favorites

If you are more into the fashion world then you need to follow the below snapchat accounts. There are dozens of accounts that can help you to cope up with your fashion needs. Below you can find some of our favorites.

1. The Cut

The CutA quite popular internet publication is full of eye catchy tips, product reviews, fashion news, and much more. To know all about these you don’t need to visit their website. You just need to follow them on snapchat and let the fashion buzz to roll in.

Snapname: the.cut

2. Sophia Amoruso

Sophia AmorusoHave you ever heard about Girlboss which is the Netflix series? If not then let me tell you. It’s a series about a young sassy entrepreneur who literally took the fashion world by storm in the mid of 2000s. so you can find snaps of that person who was the best-selling memoir of that series.

Snapname: sophiaamoruso

Snappy Eats

If fashion is not your thing then you can keep reading the article. Snapchat has a lot of culinary accounts that will definitely make your mouth water. Below you can find our most favorites.

1. Levi Eirinberg

Levi EirinbergA 14 old-year-old chef, who was also the contestant in MasterChef Junior. He is not on TV anymore you can still find his shared recipes, cooking tips, and much more on his snapchat account.

Snapname: levicooks

2. SortedFood

SortedFoodThis is a great place to find recipes, cooking tips, and other cooking triumphs. Unlike other snapchat accounts that are based on food, SortedFood is all about education, support, and fun.

Snapname: sortedfood

3. The Infatuation

The Infatuation
The Infatuation

A restaurant review start-up that clearly knows how to show its stuff and shares some amazing mouth-watering photos that will surely want you to eat your cellphone.

Snapname: Infatuation

Gaming Fun

Are you a gamer or love to play and watch games then you need to follow these accounts to get to know about the latest games, eSports etc.

1. Mojo Plays

Mojo PlaysSnapchat account that is based on a youtube channel called WatchMojo, Mojo plays is in the top 10 list of gaming that you can possibly think of.

Snapname: MojoPlays

2. TryHard

TryHardFrom jokes and comedy to hard news that surrounds the scene of eSports, TryHard is an amazing way that will help you to catch all the news from Overwatch and Fortnite to Rocket League and Call of Duty, everything at one place.

Snapname: Tryhard

3. FaZe Clan

FaZe ClanThe former name of FaZe Clan, this is the eSports team group which is quite popular in the world. It was founded in 2000 and mostly known for their plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Fortnite, and Overwatch, along with some other shooting games.

Snapname: FaZe Clan

Teleport Yourself Anywhere

You will definitely get an amazing travel experience with these and some other similar travel accounts.

1. Branden Harvey

Branden HarveyA travel photographer that globe trots from the best of them. He loves to share snaps from planes, trains etc.

Snapname: brandonharvey

2. Kate McCully

Kate McCullyKate McCully is an independent travel blogger and now she is settled in Manhattan. You can follow her to see more of NYC.

Snapname: adventurouskate


As news outlets are getting bigger and wise day by day and is there any way better way to get information than to find out where people live – through their smartphones.

1. NowThis

NowThisNowThis a news outlet that reports and updates through the same tools that we use to share the news with our friends.

Snapname: nowthis

2. The Washington Post

The Washington PostThe trendy news outlets are taking place of the traditional ones. The Washington Post open breaking news using snapchat stories with lightning speed by giving its followers a raw kind of look.

Snapname: washingtonpost

3. Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment WeeklyEntertainment Weekly is an entertainment magazine and with it snapchat account, you can make sure that you are up to date with the latest tale and stories.

Snapname: entertainmentweekly

Unique Additions

Our last one in the list of snapchat accounts, each will bring you something unique.

1. Las Angeles Museum of Art

Unique AdditioIf you love to pair rap and R&B lyrics to similar classical artwork, then you need to follow these accounts. It occasionally plays on some popular social media trends as well.

Snapname: lacma

2. Alex Richter

Alex RichterA calligrapher, Alex loves to show off his work on snapchat with some funny, and beautiful phrases. You can follow him for some kind of gorgeous pick me up.

Snapname: decalex

3. General Electric

General ElectricGE has made its way to its own social media trends. This snapchat account is extremely geeky and educational as well. it also includes a series of scientific concepts using the hashtag #emojiscience.

Snapname: generalelectric

Final Words

That was a list of 32 amazing snapchat accounts that you can follow as every account has something unique to offer. Go and see all these accounts and get much more from snapchat other than just chatting and snapping.

Till then enjoy snapping of others as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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