9 Best Touch Typing Software [ Teach Yourself to Type Faster ]

Are you looking for the best touch-typing software? If yes, then you need to read this article till the end.

Is your writing speed slower than your friend? Below you can find a solution to improve yours.

Typing is a fundamental requirement if you live in a new generation while you are doing work or if you are a student, typing will show your personality while you work on the computer, you must learn to type, which means writing words without seeing the keyboard in part.

After much research and testing, I found some of the best typing software that will help you improve your typing speed.

If your typing speed is less than 40 WPM, you should think twice. And invest your time to improve in a month as a professional who has over 75 WPM.

To improve and better spend your time; below you can find some free / paid tools that will surely help you improve your typing speed.

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9 Best Touch Typing Software [ Teach Yourself to Type Faster ]

Best Touch Typing Software

If you spend a lot of time using the computer keyboard, then it makes sense to learn to type (type without looking at the keyboard). While it can be intimidating to look at mixed letters on a QWERTY keyboard, there is a lot of software available on the market to help you master it.

The average writing speed usually represented in words per minute (WPM) is 40, while professionals write around 75 WPM. If you are below average, then this is the time for you to improve your game and, if it’s an average, it could save you a lot of time writing a report in your office, if you were a professional level typist. It is a useful skill for investing time and money.

For the purpose of this guide, I have observed the features, ease of use, user interface and price when comparing the touch-typing software that is mentioned below.

1. Typing.com

Typing.com is an amazing website that offers the user online practice here, you just have to log in and start your typing test. Typing.com contains many lessons for beginners to professionals. The lessons are in beginner, intermediate and advanced format.

At typing.com, teachers have other lessons and students have others to practice in their format. It makes touch typing more efficient in your field of interest.

Typing is one of the oldest providers of keyboard software on the Internet. A free resource specifically developed for students and teachers.

Although the amount of lessons, tests, and features is less than some of the better-paid programs, it is a surprising resource for learning to type. Typing.com offers 45 courses with 8 fun games, ideal for beginners and advanced students.

The interface is straightforward and easy to use, making it one of the best free resources available. There is no need to download any software, so you can learn and test your skills in any operating system with any browser.

Why Use Typing.com

  • It shows live average WPM and typing time
  • Contains much more lessons as compared to other typing software
  • Contain test lesson of different time duration
  • It will show results after completing the test
  • More themes option to customize the interface

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2. Rapid Typing

Rapid Typing is a Windows-based touch-typing software licensed as Freeware. It is available for 32-bit and 64-bit computers with Windows XP at 10. A portable version is available.

Rapid Typing was created to be an easy to use software to help users learn to play and type fast. Three modes are available: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. At the end of each lesson, you will receive grades containing WPM, characters per minute, precision percentile and errors.

Rapid Typing organizes many of your lessons around keyboard groups that should help you learn to play the fastest type. If you are not satisfied, you can customize or add your lessons with the help of the Lesson Editor.

Why Use Rapid Typing?

  • It offers a colorful interface
  • Plenty of flexibility when choosing your lessons and even editing
  • It is available in several languages
  • It offers different keyboard styles

3. Typist

Typist is a minimal-looking, but one of the best touch-typing software available for Mac for free. It offers 9 courses to choose from. Each of these courses has a series of lessons. The instructions seemed very detailed and the number of lessons is sometimes over 10.

Your stats are displayed in real time at the bottom of the screen. You can also turn off the sound in the Preferences section, change the background color and choose typing styles.

If you have some time at your hand, there is a quick course that will take you through the basics.

Why Use Typist?

  • It offers a minimal touch-typing experience
  • It is free

4. Tux Typing

Tux Typing is software that is more interesting for children since it contains many other interesting games that you might like. If you want to have fun while you type, then writing with the tux is the best software that I recommend you to install right away. The level of the game is decided based on your typing performance.

Tux Typing is a great touch-typing software that offers the best game. To make things even better, it is cross-platform and compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and FreeBSD.

You will see letters falling from above and a penguin resting beneath, drinking a Pina colada. Your job is to take all the letters before they touch the ground. When you start typing, you can see the penguin running frantically on the screen to get to the letters. It’s like Tetris but it’s just more fun. There is another game available where once again, in a different environment, you have to take the cards. Over time, the speed will increase and it will be more difficult to trap and destroy letters with the laser beam.

Why Use Tux typing?

  • It offers the best gaming experience
  • A great touch typing software tool for your kids

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5. Ratatype

Ratatype is an online typing tutor without the need to install it on the PC. It has a great interface and can monitor your progress online and compete with other online students. In this way, you will have the opportunity to learn behind closed doors only to see how fast you can type.

The courses are simple and you can start by completing small courses such as learning key positions, finger positioning and muscle memory. The learning section informs you about the perfect posture to type, the house keys, etc. It is advisable not to press too hard while learning, as muscle memory takes time to be updated.

Typing tests are simple and really help you improve your typo errors. The test warns you of the word in which a typo was made and you can go back to correct it.

Why Use Ratatype?

  • A decent typing tool that aims to improve kids’ typing
  • Use it on any platform through a web browser

6. Klavaro

It is one of the best free typing programs that help you acquire touch type skills. The user becomes familiar with the skills required to type, thanks to the solid structure provided by the software and also provides different terms to facilitate the learning of the same and also to increase the rate of typing. To establish a successful career, a person must have the right skills to type, which cannot be avoided. Nowadays, in all fields of work, the need to type is a necessity and, therefore, knowledge of typing is also important. This is what all this software helps to provide its users.

Klavaro is complete software for Windows that helps you improve your typing skills. It does not have a sophisticated user interface and still manages to make it easy to use. It has five levels with 50 lessons each that could train your brain extensively. Level 0 is the basic level that teaches you basic concepts like finger positioning and level 4 has complete texts.

Klavaro has multiple embedded languages ​​and you can simply pick one from the menu and start practicing that language. You can change the keyboard layout in any country’s standard distribution and choose between QWERTY, DVORAK, COLEMAK, etc.

Why Use Klavaro?

  • Great software to learn to type the right way
  • It is customizable and works with multiple layouts
  • It is free but only available for Windows

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7. Typing Cat

The following app is a typing tutor app that offers courses, tests, and typing games. It works on the Web and requires no additional installation. You can even use the service without creating an account, but you will need it if you plan to use their professional services. There are three categories of courses; Official, user-generated and customized.

Typing cat is an online typing tutor who has a number of captivating typing skills to develop your interest in typing. With Cat Typing software, you can learn and practice your typing skills with your typing programs.

Multiple keyboard layouts that make typing more interesting and have a variety of courses where you can choose a different level. Type cat has two courses that are paid for driving to the next level and to have the best typing test.

Most courses are free on the web and you can play while you learn to faster. Typing tests are interesting, you can test your speed and accuracy by one, three and five minutes. Scores are generated and listed on the online board where you can see your ranking.

Why Use Typing Cat?

  • An easy to use software for the web
  • The free version is enough for most users but if it’s pro version is also available for more advanced features

8. KAZ

KAZ Typing Tutor is an advanced skills development software to learn how to type quickly and learn the keyboard from A to Z. The finalist Bett 2019 is widely used by individuals and companies, as well as in the schools, universities, organizations, and governments.

The uniqueness of this software is that it will teach you to play the type within 90 minutes and use the accelerated learning method to get better results and training. It is widely recognized as one of the most advanced teaching and learning methods available.

There are five modules or courses you can take, for a total of 4 hours of materials. Each module is equipped with animations, graphics and relaxing games for the eyes and fun to play. This aims to improve the user experience and help with the learning process. Numerous user guides are available that include several video tutorials.

KAZ is available for Web, Mac, and Windows. It also supports the US and UK keyboard.

Why Use KAZ?

  • Learn the A-Z keys in 90 minutes
  • Learn full keyboard within 4 hours
  • 5 short, effective course modules
  • SEN enabled (Sound, Text, Audio)
  • Get rid of bad typing habits
  • Progress tracking with custom goals
  • GDPR compliant. Follows ICO rules
  • For home, school, and organizations
  • City and Guilds version available

9. Key Blaze

Key Blaze Software has a very simple and straight forward user interface for a better experience, it gives the roughly typing for improving and movement of your fingers to cover the complete keyboard.

It is easily available in 32-bit computer systems of the window XP to the 64-bit computer system of window 10, a good option if you are a beginner in typing.

Why Use Key Blaze?

  • Free to download
  • Simple and Easy for Beginner

More Options 

There are some more options that you can also consider to use.


Final Words

So, these were some of the best touch-typing software that can surely help you to improve your typing skills. Some of the software is cross-platform, so I recommend to use the one that is best suited to you according to your requirements.

But keep in mind that learning touch typing takes time; anywhere from a number of weeks to months, but pays off in the long run. So, be sure to pick up one program that you think is best for you and practice it over and over again.

That was the list guys. Make sure to drop your thoughts in the comment section.

Till then improve your typing speed with the help of above-mentioned software as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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