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9 Best Tumblr Apps for Android and iOS (2019)

Tumblr is a blog and a social networking site that you can use to publish multimedia content and other relevant things. The site offers a platform to rediscover your potential by linking your interests with other people.

The website features are easily accessible through its dashboard interface. Anything, from a single image to a particular link, can be posted on Tumblr. Through Tumblr, you can stay up to date by following the people you like and they can also follow you back.

Tumblr is tailor-made for the short form microblogging that is commonly known as tumblelogging.

Even if you are not a registered Tumbler user, it still allows you to read other people’s blogs on Tumblr, while if you want to publish something on Tumblr, you must be a registered user. Below you can find the 9 Best Tumblr Apps for Android and iOS.

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9 Best Tumblr Apps for Android  and iOS (2019)


The official Tumblr app is very smooth and works very well, but it’s not perfect. As there are some things you can’t do with the official app for some obvious reasons. For example, you cannot disable ads, download videos to your phone or use multiple accounts at the same time.

Below mentioned list of apps will surely help you in providing one or all of these features.

Most people browse Tumblr on their phones’ web browsers and don’t have the official app. The most common problem people face is that they use their browsers for Tumblr and find the ads quite annoying.

To get rid of Tumblr ads, you can install a browser that natively blocks ads. There are many browsers such as Firefox, Samsung Internet Browser, Edge, etc. These web browsers work very well. I personally prefer you to use Edge browser because it is agile and has a built-in ad block that works well with most websites.

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1. FastFeed


FastFeed is a Tumblr client available for iOS devices. Not only does it allow you to browse on Tumblr without logging in, but it also allows you to download videos and images from Tumblr.

You can view the trending topics, search and share links to other social media platforms. You also have the option to view posts to provide a smoother interface. If you have more than one Tumblr account, in that case, it also allows you to manage multiple Tumblr accounts from the same app.

An underrated 3D touch feature works very well on this app and you can use 3D touch to reblog or like posts in this app.

Even if the download button is behind a wall of payment, I wouldn’t mind paying $5 a year to download Tumblr media without any limitations. By unlocking are premium features, you can get rid of the ads, unlock Feed set limits and downloads. You can also add multiple accounts in the app with the premium account.

Features: (Specifically for Tumblr)

  • User can post any type of content: text, photo, quotes, video, chats, and links.
  • Flexible layout supports both portrait and landscape orientation.
  • Offline posting – post anytime.
  • Known limitations on Tumblr: fan mail, ask/reply, notifications, tracking tags are disabled. (not provided by Tumblr API).
  • Available for Tumblr, Facebook, and Flickr.

Download FastFeed for iOS

2. Hermit


Hermit in another great app that allows multiple instances of the single app, you can create multiple Tumblr apps and use them separately.

It can best be described as the best app wrapper that offers all the features without actually downloading the app. As you know, the official Tumblr app shows ads and this can be annoying at times. Hermit creates an app instance on his phone and uses the lite version as a native app.

You can sign in, receive, like posts with an additional benefit of blocked ads. Hermit has all the features related to privacy and can block ads. The app can also prevent apps from tracking your activity, block popup windows and disable JavaScript.

Many customization options are available. For example, you can individually adjust the behavior, theme, notifications and app integration.

Hermit is free to use (without ads as well) and the premium version of the app offers early access to the latest features. If I only used it for Tumblr, the free version would work fine.

Features of Hermit: (Browsing features)

  • Run your own custom extension scripts.
  • In-built support for Google Translate, Lite Pages, QR Code, and much more.
  • Read Articles from any browser/app using its article extraction technology.
  • View any web site in Night Mode with a light text and dark background.
  • See how long an article will take to read, for that jump to Reader View.
  • Use two Lite Apps at the same time on Android Nougat and above.
  • Increase/decrease text size as it will improve the legibility.

Download Hermit for Android

3. Feedly


Another amazing option for the Tumblr browser is Feedly. Feedly is a news aggregator and you can subscribe to the RSS feed of the Tumblr blog. You just need to copy the URL of your favorite Tumblr blogs, go to the Feedly app, tap on Add content and paste the link to subscribe to your Feedly account.

All content appears to be the normal content you browse on the web. Useful, if you are already using the Feedly app.

Although the Feedly service is free to download, it’s premium version offers unlocked features that include advanced search, HTTPS functionality, integration with Evernote, etc. for $ 5 a month, but the free version would do the work for you.

Key Features of Feedly

  • Follow your favorite blogs, YouTube channels and more in one place
  • Organize content into various collections
  • Read content in a distraction-free mode
  • Save content to read later within the app or save to a read-it-later service
  • Easily share stories on different social media platforms
  • Discover new content in which you are interested
  • iOS, Android, and Mac apps available, and additional third-party apps

Download Feedly for Android

Download Feedly for iOS

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4. Tablean


This quick, lite app helps people browse posts, photos, videos on Tumblr efficiently. The app is not showing ads and there are posts that get previewed in the grid.

The app has various gesture control mechanisms that are installed within the app; like pull to refresh, click to play, etc.

You can also save photos to the external storage and for that, you need to double-click it in the detail window.


  • No ads, simple and clean UI
  • Preview posts in a grid
  • List posts by type (all, video, photo,)
  • Preview video, play Tumblr. /YouTube Video
  • Rotate photo
  • Play GIF
  • Full-screen photo pinch to zoom
  • Gesture control (fling to dismiss, pull to refresh, click to play)
  • Control grid columns and quality photos

Download Tablean for Android

5. Tumbviewer


Tumbviewer is the perfect answer for a Tumblr client and downloader that is also ad-free.

It has all the features you might look in a third-party Tumblr app, such as: downloading media files to your phone, managing multiple accounts and reblogging and posting  It has a tab to view the downloaded files and you can watch videos and images separately. The app is very minimal and you can turn off even more features to get a cleaner interface.

The app is based on the official API and offers a fluid experience without ads. Managing multiple accounts is easy and gives you more control over the content you browse.


  • Download videos with ease
  • Simple and straight forward app
  • Save your favorite Tumblr pictures and videos
  • The app has a video only tab were you can see videos separately

Download Tumbviewer for Android

6. Tumbletail


Tumbletail is another third-party Tumblr app that offers more functionality than the official app. It is available for both Android and iOS platform, both paid and free versions are available. You’ll get features like slide shows, style, and tracking buttons, follow/unfollow and an option to see the posts you like separately.

With the support of multiple accounts, you can log in with multiple accounts and maintain your account activities exclusively. You get an access code option which is an additional privacy feature that offers greater security.

If your Twitter account is linked to the Tumblr account then you can also post your posts on Twitter. Although there is no way to save media files on your phone in the iOS version, you can still easily save them in the cloud. Android has an option to save with one touch, simply long press a post and save it directly in the gallery. The Premium version of Tumble Tail for Android and iOS costs $ 1.99 and offers similar features.


  • Thumbnail display like Mega-Editor
  • Easy Reblog or Like
  • Tag search
  • Display other the likes of users (if available)
  • Follow or Unfollow
  • Multi-account
  • Passcode lock

Download Tumbletail for Android

Download Tumbletail for iOS

7. Wallpaper Tumblr Quotes

This app is highly recommended for Tumblr users. The app has a spectacular collection of images that you can set as wallpaper on the main screen and in the backgrounds.

Kawaii Anime Wallpaper, Hipster Wallpaper, Cute Kawaii Anime, Simple Wallpaper are some of the highly approved wallpapers. The app gets updated monthly and it is compatible with almost any device.

The app is quite easy to use. You just need to install the app and open it to choose the background. After that click on the “Set as background” button, that’s it, the background is ready. Don’t forget to mark the main messages as favorites before you log out from Tumblr.


  • Save and download photos and videos
  • Simple and straight forward to use
  • Download options on every video

Download Tumbletail for Android

Note: Currently not available on the Google Play Store, download from any other source.

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8. Tumblrunning


This is a very simple Tumblr client that specializes in the dashboard view. Many apps, such as volume paging, can be conveniently performed using the app.

If you want to delete a publication, you can do it effortlessly and if you want to receive a similar publication, the app comes to save it.

One of the premium features is that more than 250 panels are available and allows you to add a publication to the queue list.


  • View of the dashboard (more than 250 available)
  • Reblog, delete a post
  • Like/Unlike
  • Save image
  • Adding to the queue list
  • Support for multiple blogs

Download Tumblrunning for Android

9. Tview for Tumblr

Tview for Tumblr

Yet another Tumblr client to create and save the publication, Tview allows you to view photos in full screen. You can also access multiple accounts simultaneously and with the help of various widgets on the card, you can access many additional features.


  • Full-screen photo view
  • Animation GIFs
  • Text, Quote or etc…
  • Reblog / Like / Save
  • Multiple accounts
  • Save photos to gallery or Dropbox
  • Dashboard Widget

Download Tview for Tumblr for Android

Download Tview for Tumblr for iOS


Final Words

If you have a lot of blogs on Tumblr, you can use Feedly because it is one of the great options to go with. Hermit offers a lighter version of the apps and the downloader is better if you download multiple files at the same time. Tumbviewer offers a simpler interface and Tumbletail is better for privacy and more accounts.

There may be several reasons why you are using Tumblr. Someone felt the need for motivation while others were looking for a scrapbooking platform.

While there are others who see Tumblr as a piece of paper to scribble creative thoughts.

However, Tumblr, the microblogging platform that lets you publish photos, articles and links work best with the help of some apps that have key advantages.

That was the list guys. Feel free to mention your thoughts in the comment section and stay tuned as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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