Top 12 Best VPN for Chrome ( Access Blocked Websites )

Top 12 Best VPN for Chrome ( Access Blocked Websites )

A virtual private network or VPN is, in a very simplified form, a private connection between you and a server on a network (usually the Internet) through which the traffic passes. This will prevent your ISP (and others) from seeing the transmitted data, protecting your privacy, and also making it interesting to use. For example, you can mask your location so you can access geo-tagged content. This works because the services see the traffic as being on the server that is at the other end of the tunnel, not on your computer. This means that you can use VPN to access locked sites or that the ISP does not speed up when it detects that a torrent is being downloaded.

Configuring VPNs has become easier over the years, and there are many free options as users, but these can be a little daunting for the “typical” user. Alternatively, you can use a VPN in the browser. This means that applications such as e-mail clients can still connect directly to the Internet, but their regular navigation provides an additional layer of protection.

Are you still using Google Chrome as the preferred browser? Since this is the most popular browser, the answer is probably “yes.” But what about your security and your online protection?

This is where a VPN comes into play. Linking Google Chrome with a free VPN service allows you to surf the Internet safely and at no extra cost. If you are on the free route, what free VPN do you choose? Lets See:

12 Best Free VPNs Google Chrome offers a paid virtual private network (VPN) and a free proxy. It’s a good compromise because you know there are no dark intentions behind it. Offer the free proxy as a demonstration of your services so that you can test your VPN. Something that is completely optional, of course. has been active since 2012 and has more than 5 million users. Her deputy is quite fast and has no advertising. It is also in Spanish. You can choose the country from which you want to navigate (Holland, Germany, or USA), and you have some customizable options.

You decide whether you want to use cookies, encrypt the URL or the page, or delete the scripts and that are private information that could provide clues to the spies. temporarily stores usage records, but does not specify how long.

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Targeting the private virtual network business, VPNBook also offers one of the best free proxy servers to navigate anonymously. It works very fast and has no ads.

Encrypt 256-bit SSL browsing and unlock YouTube and Facebook in countries where censorship exists. Save the records for legal reasons, but remove them within a week.

The handling is very easy. Just select the server that provides the IP address. You can choose at random (default) or switch to the US, UK, or Canada.

VPNBook blocks some scripts and does not give you the option to unlock them. Therefore, some of the websites you use may not be displayed properly. It’s the price that has to be compromised.

Link To VPNBook


4everproxy is a secure and efficient service that hides you through different IP addresses.

It also encrypts navigation and eliminates the geographic censorship of websites blocking certain countries. Just save the browser session for two hours so all activity traces are removed during that time.

Another interesting advantage of 4everproxy is that videos are not blocked. You can browse YouTube, Vimeo, and the like.

It is very easy to use. You just need to write the web you want to visit in the central box. It also selects the location of the server from which you are connecting to the Internet and the country of the IP address that replaces your IP address:

On the right, there are a number of options that allow you to decide whether you want to keep cookies, hide the page title, encrypt (slower navigate), and delete the scripts (you will not see videos) or animations, but more security.

If for some reason, 4everproxy is not available, you can access many others at the top of the cover.

Link To 4everproxy

Hide my Ass

Hide my Ass 

You will see that you can choose between a standard version and a premium version (actually a virtual private network or VPN). Stay with the standard option and you have a free proxy without advertising (except for the company) that works well.

You can browse IP addresses from the US, UK and the Netherlands. Encrypt the URL and the web itself and it’s also in Spanish.

Remember to save the records of your activities and the websites you visit to avoid criminal and fraudulent uses, but delete them after 30 days.

Link To Hide My Ass VPN



It provides direct navigation from your website and allows you to change the server between ten different IP addresses. The strength of KProxy, however, are the extensions of Chrome and Firefox, which enable the proxy by default and according to the manufacturer 100% compatible with web pages.

There is also a customized and portable version of Firefox with proxy enabled called KProxy Browser. You just run it and it’s done, there’s no need to install it.

The web proxy does not have personalization options and in many cases blocks logos and other important information from the web. If one does not work properly, you can switch servers or use the mentioned extension, which is faster and more efficient.

Link To KProxy VPN



It has direct links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. As usual in this type of services, it hides the IP address and also encrypts all the websites, by means of SSL.

It has a network of Gigabit servers that ensure relatively fast access to web pages, through the proxy.

There is no personalization, but once you load a page a window appears at the top that allows you to delete scripts and objects, and decide whether or not you want cookies to be stored: It

also offers the possibility to select from more than twenty servers located in the United States or Europe.

Link To ProxySite VPN



It’s ironic that a web proxy prompts you to disable Adblocker Ad Blocking, a tool that also protects privacy. FilterbyPass does this because it is funded by non-intrusive advertising. A fair deal, because keeping servers that act as a hidden barrier is not cheap.

FilterbyPass has been in operation since 2013. In this type of service, seniority and stability are an essential virtue. It provides a free proxy with 128-bit SSL encryption.

One of the benefits is that it works with video-based platforms like YouTube or Dailymotion. In fact, buttons are added with direct links to them as well as to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., which are intended for countries where the content is censored. Or your bosses are not getting tangled up at work …

Finally, you can customize the privacy options. Contains the option to encrypt the web or not, and to use cookies, objects and scripts. Save the records for a week.

Link To FilterbyPass VPN

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN 

This is one of the most popular VPN providers on the Internet. His best asset is the large server infrastructure that is spread all over the world. This allows you to connect from different locations to make it easier to bypass regional content blocks.

Installing and using CyberGhost VPN is not a puzzle as you just need to download the CyberGhost VPN client and install it on your computer. The rest of the configuration of the network and the connection to the VPN servers are completely automatic, so that during operation all navigation is through encrypted traffic.

You can use this service across platforms from your desktop computer or laptop with Windows or macOS and from your mobile devices running Android or iOS.

The use does not mean a noticeable reduction in navigation speed, even if the free version of the service is used. This is always appreciated because it’s a free VPN that offers a good balance between security and usability.

Link To CyberGhost VPN 

WindScribe [11 countries] [10 GB +]


Virtually newcomers to the competitive world of free VPN servers, WindScribe has worked hard to gain immediate public acceptance.

One of the most important reasons for this rapid increase is the free VPN service, which enables more encrypted traffic with impressive 10 GB monthly browsing. This surprising amount of monthly data is complemented by a two-stage protection system.

First, your browsing is encrypted by hiding your actual IP address, to prevent hackers, governments, or online service companies from tracking your browsing or knowing your actual location.

Second, WindScribe unarmed offers an ad and cookie blocking system. A very important option that must be considered with ease when surfing.

Link To WindScribe VPN



In addition to our selection of the best free VPN services, we also find TunnelBear, an old name for VPN network users, which is again at the bottom of the gorge, offering impeccable service in both paid and free versions. Which is what interests us for this list.

As expected, the free version of TunnelBear has some limitations on its paid counterparts, such as restricting traffic to 500MB per month. In contrast, accounts with the ability to use a server that is distributed in more than 20 countries.

The TunnelBear client is also available for Windows or MacOS desktop systems as well as for mobile devices or as an extension to the Chrome and Opera browsers.

With TunnelBear VPN, you can surf safely and anonymously, avoid all sorts of regional blocking, and connect to public Wi-Fi networks without fear of cyber criminal catching.

Link To TunnelBear VPN

Psiphon 3 VPN

Psiphon 3 VPN

Since 2008, Psiphon has helped millions of people in limited-freedom countries around the world access knowledge and censored ideas. Now Psiphon can do the same for you.

Psiphon is a bypass program from Psiphon Inc. that uses VPN, SSH, and HTTP proxy technologies to provide uncensored access to content on the Internet. Your Psiphon client automatically learns new access points to maximize your opportunities and avoid censorship.

Psiphon offers you open access to online content. Psiphon does not increase your privacy online and should not be considered or used as an online security tool.

After studying regimes around the world, we are especially prepared to help you get the content you want, when and where you want it.

The free internet is good, but cookies and stolen accounts are not. Psiphon provides a secure route to the Internet, regardless of the network you are connecting to.

Link To Psiphon 3 VPN



At the top of our list is DotVPN. The service has many positive comments from users and good recommendations from experts. DotVPN strives to ensure your connection and free VPN services. It offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited changes between sites.

DotVPN offers you a choice of dozens of virtual locations, including Canada, Japan, Sweden and the United States. UU and the United Kingdom. The developers also emphasize the use of 4096-bit key encryption. DotVPN also claims that it compresses traffic, reduces data usage and is also integrated with Tor to search Chrome’s .onion sites.

DotVPN has a premium plan that allows faster connection. Encryption with 4096-bit keys is also part of the payment layer. You can also use it on five devices at the same time. This will cost you $ 4.99 per month, or around Rs. 325, but you can try free rewards for a month to see if it’s worth it.

Link To DotVPN 

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