How To Change Notification Sound for Facebook Messenger

Facebook is a social media platform that needs no introduction. People use this portal to connect with people from around the globe. It’s preferred for communication purposes, because of its complication-free interface. Here a user can find new friends and connect with them to remove the barriers of distance.

Change Notification Sound for Messenger

But if we talk about Facebook Messenger, it is only used to make conversations & social calls. So when you have hundreds of friends on Facebook, you may wanna consider changing notification sound individually. Also, some users would like to Change Notification Sound for Facebook Messenger, because of the laggy response from the app. So allow me to help you with How To Change Notification Sound for Facebook Messenger. Stay tuned and remember to follow all the steps I’ve drafted for you.

Why Change Notification Sound for Messenger?

Lately, numerous Facebook users reported a problem that messenger kept changing the notification sound by itself. Most encounters were made by Android users, but not the people who own an iOS device. So there may be only an issue with the Android app, which you can remove easily.

Mostly, people like different notification sounds for every messenger buddy. Because they don’t want to check their smartphone for some non-important personalities while being at work or university. So now, such users can easily Change Notification Sound for Facebook Messenger without any trouble.

How To Change Notification Sound for Facebook Messenger

There are two different ways to claim our reward here. You can complete the task here through the Facebook Messenger app and by navigating into the app’s settings. So I’ll provide you both methods, you are allowed to pick any method as your desire.

Facebook Messenger App

The first thing you need to do is open the messenger app on your Android device. Once there, tap on your profile icon to open messenger profile settings. Here you need to swipe down a little and select Notifications & sounds, which is available under the Preferences tab.

Now it’s time you start to consider Changing Notification Sound for Facebook Messenger. To do so, tap on Ringtone and now you will see several sounds which you can select as a messenger notification sound. Tap once on any ringtone you like, now you can listen to its sound and if you want to set it as messenger ringtone, keep it selected and close the tab. That’s all for this method.

Note: You can’t perform the same method in iOS devices, because they don’t allow your changing Notification Sound for Facebook Messenger on iPhone/iPad.

Phone Settings

If your phone keeps changing the messenger ringtones by itself, this guide is presented for you. Because through phone settings, you can change the notifications sound directly from the settings app on Android.

To do so, open your phone’s settings. Now under Notifications tab, locate and open Messenger. Here, you need to go to “Chats and calls” & select “More settings in app”. Now again, tap once on Ringtone and select your desired sound. That’s it, now the Facebook Messenger Notification Sound will not change by itself.

Finalizing: That is all on the guide of How To Change Notification Sound for Facebook Messenger. If you feel stuck in performing any of the above-provided tasks, feel free to ask for help via the comments box. Thanks for visiting ATechGuides for more.