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How To Check If An iPhone Is Jailbroken Or Not

Jailbreaking an iPhone by using the third-party software allows you to circumvent the restrictions provided by Apple and while recent versions of iOS have made the process increasingly difficult, it is still possible, which makes it possible for a buyer second-hand ends with a jailbreak iOS device. While a jailbroken iPhone can still be used as designed by Apple, it opens up users to the risks of malware, spyware, and possible hardware problems. If you suspect that you have purchased an iPhone that has been modified in this way or have changed it without your knowledge, you can check if an iPhone has been released and restore it to factory settings.

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How To Check If An iPhone Is Jailbroken Or Not

Check If An iPhone Is Jailbroken Or Not

Apple strictly controls the iPhone’s iOS operating system, as well as the applications in the official Apple Store. For this reason, some users choose to “jailbreak” their iPhone to open the phone for further customization, unapproved third-party applications and the ability to change iOS settings that would otherwise be immutable. If you buy an iPhone used for work and you are not sure that it has been released, you can find out with just a few taps.

The jailbreak community was once very active. It has not been shut down, but it is a fact that fewer iPhone users now release their devices. This has to do with the iPhone that gets enough essential features that it lacked in its early days. Apple also tends to add popular iOS features to the jailbreak community, thus negating the need for the jailbreak. Having said that, if you have an iPhone at hand and you need to know if it was jailbroken or not, there is a simple way that you can follow to verify it.

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iPhone – Jailbreak Or Not

There are two ways to check if an iPhone is jailbreak or not and I recommend you to try both. The first is to check the Cydia app on the iPhone in question. You can use Spotlight to search for it and, if it appears, the iPhone is jailbroken.

Cydia was essential in the iPhone jailbreak many years ago, but it’s 2019 and there are ways to do without it and even hide it. In this case, you need to download an app called CopyTrans Contacts. This is a paid app that can manage contacts on an iPhone, but you don’t need to buy it if all you want to do is check the jailbreak status of an iPhone.

Download, install and run CopyTrans contacts. Connect your iPhone to the PC or Mac on which you have installed the app. Select the iPhone icon in the left toolbar.

You will see a long list of information about the device you have connected. The last entry in the General section is “Jailbreak”. If it says “No”, it means that the iPhone has no jailbreak. If it says “Yes”, it means the iPhone has been jailbroken. This works for both the iPhone and iPad.

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Another simple way to check if an iPhone is a jailbreak or not to see if it has been changed. The goal of jailbreaking an iPhone is to add features that are not available from the beginning. They may not be obvious, but a superficial look through the device can give you a clue.

Is jailbreaking illegal?

However, jailbreaking is not illegal, adjustments or changes made later are not created taking exactly into account the performance of a device. If your iPhone is particularly old, an adjustment may affect the way it works. The phone may overheat, the battery may not work as well as it should and things could be blocked. It’s pretty easy to cancel, but if an adjustment ends up damaging your phone, it may not be covered by the Apple warranty.


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