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Clamshell Foldable Phones Are Real, But You’ll Need to Sit Tight Some Time For This One

We already know that Motorola is working on a clamshell foldable phone, purposely using the RAZR name. Now it looks like Sharp is keen to embrace this design too, as it disclosed a prototype device today.

Clamshell Foldable Phones

  • XDA-Developers has revealed software features for a Motorola foldable phone with an external screen.
  • The screen doesn’t offer the full Android experience and is apparently restricted to select system apps.
  • It’s believed the display can be used as a trackpad, for quick-toggle shortcuts, and more.

motorola foldable phone

The Japanese manufacturer offers a structure factor that folds out to reveal one extra large screen, according to a video by OLED-Info below.

And it would appear that folding the device totally will protect the display from scratches. The Sharp foldable phone still has a notch, however, so it doesn’t feel like such a modern concept.

Japan’s Mainichi outlet says Sharp is using OLED technology which is no surprises here and that the screen has evidently passed 300,000 folding tests as compare to Samsung which claims that it put the Galaxy Fold through 200,000 folding tests.

To some degree of disappointingly, the Japanese manufacturer is only looking to offer a commercial product to market “in a few years’ time.” That’s a pretty long time to wait when the first foldable is set to drop soon.

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and Samsung are set to release their foldable smartphones in the coming months, with the semblance of Motorola, Xiaomi, and Oppo working on devices too. So it appears to be a risky move for Sharp to wait for a couple of years when different brands will already be on the second generation of foldable.

The prototype probably won’t be a pure consumer play though, as the company is a screen manufacturer as well. The firm has traditionally been an LCD manufacturer, having just made the jump to mobile OLED in October 2018. This device could flag to potential clients that it’s ready for foldable phone business.