How To Crop A Video With Handbrake On Windows 10

Video editing apps are very common and used by many people on a regular basis, but paid apps do not have a complete set of video-editing features. The feature that many can overlook is a cropping feature. If you need to cut a video and it’s in the Windows 10 system, the handbrake is the tool for the job. It is powerful so that the quality of your video is not affected, and it is free.

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About HandBrake

HandBrake will try to detect and crop the black bars of the video by default. The encoding of black bars increases the encoding time and the amount of disk space required, so it’s best to let HandBrake remove them.

However, HandBrake’s default cropping is not perfect. It gives you a better idea of ​​what the crop values ​​should be. If you realize you are wrong, which is not so common, you can change them by selecting the “Custom” option.

You can preview the effect of your settings by clicking on the “Preview” button in the toolbar. The preview window will appear and will show in real-time the changes made in the image configuration screen. If the output size exceeds the window size, the preview window will resize it to fit the screen.

Sometimes you can even crop the black video bars with the handbrake trim controls if you want to lose some of the videos. When you insert a typical widescreen DVD into your Mac, start HandBrake, then click on the Image Settings button, you will find that HandBrake automatically cuts the top and bottom of the movie at 58 and 62 pixels respectively to cut the black bars. The Width and Height settings should be around 720 by 304 with the Keep proportions enabled option.

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If you enable the Custom option in the Crop section of the window and increase the crop settings (up, down, right, left), you will see that the size number change. If you crop 10 pixels on both sides, for example, the frame size changes to 704×304. I dropped a lot of pixels, which might allow me to adjust the film on my iPod, but I also lost the left and right edges of the image.

Difference Between Trim And Crop

The feature commonly found in video editors is a trim feature, while it is necessary to crop a video. The difference is that the adjustment is applied to the length of a video. If you have a ten-second video and delete the last two seconds, you have “cut” your video. If you have a 1920x1080px video and you delete/cut the lower 400 px, you crop it.

The latter should not be confused with a change in size. Resizing keeps the video intact completely but reduces its resolution. The crop is used to cut a part of it.

Crop a video with Handbrake

  1. Open handbrake and add the video you want to crop.
  2. Once the video has been added, go to the Dimensions tab. At the top, click on the Preview button. The preview window will help you see how many videos you have a crop.Crop a video with Handbrake
  3. In the main window, you will see four fields that are marked with Top, Bottom, Left and Right. Use the arrows or click inside the field to enter a value in pixels. This is the amount of video that will be cropped, that is, removing from the video. If you leave a field at zero, for example, the upper field, no part of the video will be removed from there.
  4. When you are done, enter where you want to save the file and then click on the “Start Encode” button at the top. This will start the finishing process.

The cropping is permanent; It is not possible to restore parts of a video that have been cropped. Again, it’s not like changing the size of a video that saves everything and just reduces its resolution. It’s like cropping a video where, if you crop a section, you can’t recover it if you overwrite the original file. When cropping videos, it is advisable to always save the clipping version as a copy of the original file until the end of the project.

It is worth mentioning that the handbrake does not have the correct resolution for the videos, so make sure you know the actual resolution of the video before cutting it. It will make it easier to understand which part of the video should be cut. For more information, take a screenshot of the complete video and use an image editor to find out how much to cut. Image editors have better cropping tools.

Bonus: Handbrake Tips

The handbrake is a very powerful and effective tool that you can use, especially if you have a large collection of DVD / video movies that you want to copy or watch on different media. But there are some things that you should keep in mind.

1) Always check the notices about copyrights of the DVDs you plan to copy (in fact, it’s legal to back up your DVDs). Be sure you have full rights to copy your DVD or video source, and never use the handbrake for any kind of illegal purposes, such as piracy or commercial benefits.

2) If you want to copy TV episodes instead of movies, you have to convert the episodes one by one or try a simpler solution: create a queue and for that follow the below steps

  1. First, select Enable Queue options.
  2. Set up the options for each episode.
  3. Click on Add to queue.
  4. Repeat the steps for each episode.


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