Crunchyroll: How to Watch Videos Offline?

Crunchyroll is referred to as the Netflix of Anime. Or, you can say its the Otaku’s Netflix. Without any doubt, Crunchyroll is the biggest Anime streaming hub in the world. It is a subscription-based service where users have to pay monthly. Crunchyroll is the American Company and key content on this app and website is Japanese Anime.

Crunchyroll is managing a huge database of Anime. It includes Best Anime of all time, Ongoing series and latest Anime 2020. We need WiFi or Mobile data to watch Anime on it. But, there is a problem we don’t have WiFi with us all the time. And, Mobile data is too costly for streaming. So, many users are questioning that can they stream Crunchyroll offline.

Using Crunchyroll offline:

Yes, it is possible to watch videos on Crunchyroll without an internet connection. Fortunately, users have got a single way to do so. But the option is only for the customers, not for those who are moneyless. The Crunchyroll company has announced that they are major amendments in their service. They said that they will bring the Offline watching options in the future.

Currently, you can’t watch offline videos on Crunchyroll directly. There are service partners of the platforms which let you watch videos offline. Streaming service VRV which are official partners of CR let users stream Crunchyroll videos offline. You have to get the premium membership of VRV service first. The good thing for the Otakus is if they purchased VRV membership, they will get Crunchyroll Premium membership for free.

We don’t want to waste the viewer’s time. So, read these 2 points before navigating to the guide.

  • This tutorial will only work in the USA due to VRV unavailability in other regions.
  • Secondly, the procedure is only applicable to mobile devices.

Watch Crunchyroll Videos Offline through these steps:

Here are the steps for which you are coming for. Follow these and you don’t need internet to watch Crunchyroll offline afterward.

< Step 1> Create an account on Crunchyroll if you don’t have one yet. Visit their website to do so.

< Step 2> Secondly if haven’t signed up or VRV yet, then you have to do it right now.

< Step 3> Once you have both accounts signed-in. Signup on premium membership on VRV. Pay the amount from the available mode of payments. Pick the one which is more convenient for you. Your CR account will also be upgraded to premium for free but you have to use the same ID for both platforms.

< Step 4> Once the formalities got completed, click on this link to link your VRV and Crunchyroll account with each other.

< Step 5> Now download the VRV app from the Google Play Store or from the app store.

< Step 6> Sign-in on the app with the same account which you registered on the VRV website.

< Step 7> Now you will see the mega-mart of Anime shows and movies. Download any of the episodes or the entire film using the Downward arrow icon present at the bottom of the Video Player.

< Step 8> VRV will sync the content in your app. By this, you will be able to watch Anime offline. Check the Offline Viewing section to reveal all of your offline synchronized Anime. There is a grace period of that Sync content. After the time period, the offline viewing of that video will be expired.

< Step 9> You have to use an internet connection to again Sync the videos for offline viewing.

That’s all from our side. Its the right of users that they are paying are they should get maximum return of their amount. Offline viewing should be a part of every subscription-based video streaming platform. Users don’t have an internet connection always with them. If they want offline content they have a right of it.