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CSR Racing 2 will get more Fast & Furious content later this month

The Fast & Furious franchise has worked so hard over the top action movie territory over the last few years. it’s easy to forget that when they started out but they were all about the cars. Just like CSR Racing 2, it is a welcoming back car, characters, and content from those films beginning this month of the year. csr-racing-2-1024x683Last year the game already had Fast & Furious events, but there’s definitely some sentiment that they have them return, and with the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff on the way, this year and timing makes perfect sense.

CSR Racing 2 will soon get new Fast & Furious-related content later this month, which celebrates the upcoming release of spin-off Hobbs & Shaw. That’s the movie that focuses on Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham’s characters as they team up to take down a super-powered Idris Elba. It just sounds like the best film of all time.

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Fast & Furious will get a spin-off this year in Hobbs and Shaw, which CSR Racing 2 is celebrating

The entire schedule of limited time in-game Fast & Furious events looks like this:

  • Hobbs Heist event on March 21 – April 4
  • The Ice Charger event on March 22 – April 4
  • Ice Charger Cup event on March 22 – April 4
  • Shaw’s Pursuit event on April 11 – April 25
  • Charging Charger event on April 12 – April 25
  • Charger Cup event on April 12 – April 25
  • The final event on May 25 – June 4

maxresdefaultMeanwhile, the movie will launch in cinemas and it helps them to build up a nice hype in August. You can download CSR Racing 2 right now on Google Play for free, and we strongly recommended it to you. It is an easy and finest game for android mobile phone.