How to Enable Dark Mode on Microsoft Chromium Edge

Microsoft chromium edge’s beta version is the latest version of Microsoft edge. This version is very similar to Chrome. But it has come with many improvements. The latest version shows websites without any problem. Its latest version supports a vast library of extensions and is also very responsive. Supporting the Dark mode is the most important feature of this browser.

As we know Chrome’s experimental flags are subsets of feature pages. The flags are used to see those features which are not finished yet but will be available soon. In chromium edge, you will also be able to see experimental flags. But the only difference is that you will write edge:// instead of Chrome://.

Benefits of Dark Mode

The dark mode is the design by which light emitted from screens is reduced. It is simply a function by which the color of the background is changed to Black. Along with this, color contrast is also maintained for readability. If a device uses an Oled screen or AMOLED screen, it saves energy.

Dark Mode on Microsoft Chromium Edge

As it is said, health always comes first. So, more exposure to light also disturbs a hormone needed for sleep. Light text on dark background reduces the load on your eyes. A dark background means most part of the screen is dark which decreases the dazzling light emitting from the device. A most important benefit is that Dark mode increases battery life.


Dark mode feature needs one time enabling¬† Once it is enabled, it will be automatically varying dark colors for defining different elements of a browser. It doesn’t matter that you are using this browser on Windows or macOS. The browser works in the same way on both platforms. Like Google Chrome, in this browser, you can also set a scheme of colors according to the operating system. The following steps are needed to turn on dark mode in the Microsoft Chromium Edge browser:

  • Assuming that you have already installed the browser, first of all, open the edge menu. For this purpose, click three dots present on the upper-right corner of the browser window. After doing this, click the settings button.
  • Then click the appearance button on the left-side navigation pane.
  • Now click the pull-down menu present on the right of the theme option. After this select the Dark button out of these options. Selecting this mode will quickly switch browser to Dark mode.
  • Other than this if you want to match Microsoft Chromium Edge’s color scheme with Windows or macOS, then select default mode instead of Dark mode.

If after following all these steps, your browser is still not converted into dark mode. Then there is a possibility that Windows light theme is probably turned on. So to turn off this mode, press right-click and select Personalize option. Then click on colors option present on the right of setting Dialog. At last change the colors dropdown to dark. As all sites are not supportive to Dark mode. So any site supportive to dark mode will automatically change the theme of the site with dark colors.