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Details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 camera revealed by internal staff

Galaxy Note 10 5g

With the launch of the Galaxy Note 10 that is fast approaching, we are getting a clearer picture of what to expect from Samsung’s next flagship through a large number of leaks. We already know many of the specs of the basic and Note 10 Pro models, and that they will have four main cameras. The Pro is likely to have two front cameras, similar to the Galaxy S10+, while the base model is having a display hole-punch for a single lens.

However, returning to the setup of the rear camera and thanks to a new perspective of Ice Universe (@UniverseIce), who has a good history of Samsung’s leaks, we understand the look of the Galaxy Note 10 camera much better.

Recent leaks have suggested that the Galaxy Note 10 will have a vertical shot of the camera on its rear. If this is indeed the case, then it is very likely that the camera module will move to the side. A centered vertical module will take up too much valuable space inside the device, which is necessary for the larger battery that is said to be Note 10.

The vertical orientation of the camera was confirmed by Steve Hemmerstoffer (@OnLeaks), who also said that, in his opinion, the Galaxy Note 10 camera “looks bad” compared to note 9. In a sperate tweet, another source with a good reputation, Max Weinbach of XDA, went further by saying:

“I think the Note 10 Pro is going to look MUCH worse than people think with current concept designs. Like much much worse.”

No heart rate monitor in Galaxy Note 10

Galaxy Note 10

In his latest tweet, Ice Universe offers a rudimentary sketch showing how the Note 10 rear camera can be positioned. However, what is more, interesting is the alleged camera module diagram that will be used in the Galaxy Note 10.

As we don’t have enough information right now, we try to do our best to guess the shape of the shot, as well as the position of the flash, which is not present in the diagram. The sensors to the right of the three main lenses are probably a ToF camera (flight time) and a flood illuminator. The flash module will probably be soldered to the device’s motherboard, above or below the ToF camera and the illuminator.

Now let’s take into account the heart rate sensor. Well, the Galaxy Note 10 may not have a heart rate monitor. This is the case of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ 5G, with which the Note 10 is expected to share many similarities, in terms of camera. Considering the size of the note 10 and the new design and location of the camera, Samsung may have decided to release the heart rate sensor for several reasons, including making things and free space.

Following recent rumors that the iPhone 11 camera protrusion could have rather shocking design, the information we are learning on note 10 is starting to make sense. Having more and better cameras in one phone makes it increasingly difficult to organize them in a visually attractive way, without interfering with the internal hardware. Even so, if the last leak is something to pass, and the Note 10 camera really looks like this, some people will surely be disappointed.

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