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How To Disable Shake To Report Problem In Facebook Apps

A new feature in the mobile version of Facebook reports the problem by shaking the phone while Facebook is open.

This feature is causing problems when making false reports when users walk with their mobile phones in their pockets. As, numerous Facebook posts presumably warned users, claiming a new feature in the social media app in which shaking the phone with the open Facebook app can automatically inform a post, but some users believe it can lead to Prison of Facebook, without evidence to prove it.

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How To Disable Shake To Report Problem In Facebook Apps

disable shake to report problem in Facebook apps

Shake is a gesture on iOS. If you type text in any text entry field, such as the Messages app, and shake your iPhone, it will undo what you wrote. iOS does not limit the way gestures can be used within apps, which is why some apps can and do make a gesture for something else. The shaking gesture is wasted in an app where it is not possible to insert text, so it is better to give it another use. Facebook is one of those apps that has chosen to change what the Shake gesture does. It allows you to report a problem instead of canceling the text you wrote. If you want to disable “shake to report a problem” in Facebook apps, it’s pretty easy.

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Disable Shake to report problem

The shake to Report a problem option has a switch that lets you disable the option of shake to report There are two ways to do it. The first and obvious way is to shake the phone to appear. The second method is to go to the hamburger tab and scroll down to the end. Expand “Help & Support” and below it tap on “Report a Problem”. You will notice the same slider.


Disable the “Shake phone to report a problem” switch and you can use the “Shake” gesture to undo typing.

If you need to report a problem in the Facebook app, you can do so from the Report a problem option on the hamburger tab. Connecting the problem reporting feature with the shake gesture basically allows users to view it more easily and maybe Facebook thinks it gets brownie points to facilitate reporting a problem. This gesture is certainly easier to use, not to mention a more direct way of mentioning it.

Not everyone will be able to dig to find the Report a problem option. That being said, the Shake gesture is a bit sensitive and in iOS, it is basically an accessibility feature, which means it can be annoying when a user doesn’t need to report a problem. If you need to use the gesture to cancel the typing, you don’t want it to be stuck on something else.

However, the gesture “Shake to report a problem” can be enabled as easily, if you have disabled it, you should go to the hamburger tab and look in the section of Help and support where you can enable it again. Regardless of how you report a problem, Facebook will always treat you the same way, depending on its policy.


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