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Discover the 2019 iPhone XR, Apple’s dual-camera budget flagship

Although iPhone XS and XS Max represent the best of Apple, the best-selling model at the moment is the iPhone XR. This phone, like its premium siblings, will receive a substantial update by the end of the year. And today, four months from the end, Steve Hemmerstoffer has partnered with Pricebaba to show what the iPhone XR 2019 would look like.

The iPhone XR 2019 wins an additional camera in the back

2019 iPhone XR

Like the iPhone XI and the iPhone XI Max that leaked a few weeks ago, the iPhone XR 2019 (iPhone XR 2? iPhone XT?) Seems to be adopting a large square-shaped camera module on the back. This marks a fairly large change in the direction of the line (last year’s iPhone XR includes only a small camera in the upper left corner), but it is better to align the look of the smartphone with those of Apple’s upcoming premium offerings.

Occupying the extra space, as previously stated, is an extra camera. According to reports, the flagship of Apple’s 2019 budget will borrow its sensors from the more expensive models. This means that the main camera must have a resolution of 12 megapixels again, while the second camera is said to introduce a 2x telephoto zoom lens into the mix.

Completing the entire camera setup should be a quad-flash on the right side of the sensors and a small microphone. Unfortunately, the wide-angle camera planned for the iPhone XI series is not present. In some final notes, it is worth noting that the whole thickness of the iPhone XR 2019 camera is minimal. Furthermore, in all versions, the glass inside the camera area apparently corresponds to the color of the back.

No changes were made to the front or side.

iPhone XR 2019

When turning on the phone and looking ahead, do not be alarmed if you don’t notice any difference. This is because, reportedly, the iPhone XR 2019 adopts the same 6.1-inch LCD that is found in the current generation model. From the appearance of these renderings, no efforts have been made to dilute the chamfers. Also, the notch of this particular iPhone design has not been changed.

Once again, the notch should contain Apple’s Face ID sensors, an internal speaker and the usual selfie camera. This time, however, it is said that the latter will receive an update to a 12-megapixel sensor, as expected for the iPhone XI and XI Max. In addition, a black coating is apparently included in the upper part of the notch in an attempt to create a more appearance elegantly.

Moving away from the front and side, the iPhone XR 2019 retains the aluminum frame found in last year’s model. Presumably, this choice is a combination of measures to reduce Apple’s costs and the need to differentiate the model from the premium offers: the iPhone XI line has a stainless-steel structure. Another noteworthy difference compared to the premium alternatives is the silencer, which in this case has not been redesigned and is similar to that found in current Apple models.

The design of the Apple XR 2019 from Apple completes a Lightning connector on the bottom instead of a USB-C port, an elongated power button that also acts as a Siri button on the right and volume keys on the left.

Release date and availability of the iPhone XR 2019

Release date iPhone XR 2019

The iPhone XR 2019, like most of the other iPhones before it, should make its official debut at Apple’s annual hardware event in early September. Smartphone sales should begin during the third week of the month and the device will probably be available for purchase from all major operators.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the next model should be shipped with Apple’s A13 chip inside, along with a larger battery and a fast charger. The iPhone should also arrive with iOS 13 on board, the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system that was leaked a few days ago.

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