9 Best Sites To Read Free Books Online And Download [ 2019 ]

Books never disappoint us and apart from serving a constant companion when we are alone, books serve as food for the mind to stimulate our imagination and creativity. However, good books are expensive and buying each time can cost you a lot. But thanks to free books online, which you can easily read or download without paying a dime.

Below we have compiled a list for you to find the 9 Best Sites to read free eBooks online and download them legally to help you create your own library of favorite virtual books. In the list, you can find a comprehensive assortment of online Sites who provide books which are completely free, ranging from novels to computer technology guides.

Before heading towards the list of 9 Best Sites to Read Free Books Online, you can check the list of legal services:

9 Best Sites to Read Free Books Online and Download [ 2019]

9 Best Sites to Read Free Books Online and Download [ 2019]

Note: Below list is not following any order, you can choose the one that you like or that best suits your requirements.

Now start the list of sites from which you can grab some amazing stuff that you can read in your free time or download them for later.

1. Open Library

open library

The ultimate goal of Open Library is “One web page for every book ever published”. It is an initiative of the very popular Internet Archive that serves as a digital library of various internet sites.

The site contains a million free books to read that you can download on various other formats such as MOBI, DJVU, PDF, and EPUB. You can easily search for good reading material on various genres and subjects such as Biographies, Fantasy, History, Art, Medicine, etc.

Open Library also has an advanced search option that allows you to search for books through authors or titles. In case you don’t remember the name of author and title either, then you can search for a specific free book to read online and for that, you just need to enter a favorite line from the book.

Why use Open Library?

  • A huge collection of free online books in almost every category you can think of
  • Easy to download books and in various formats as well

Click here to Visit Open Library

2. Project Gutenberg

project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has a huge archive of over 57,000 free books that you can easily download. This website provides a diverse reading collection as it is their volunteer effort to make books available for free and it neither charges any fee and it does not require you to sign up as well.

Here you can find books on all type of subjects, from Classic to Periodicals and from Social Sciences to History, any type of book you can imagine of. You can search for books through specific titles or you can also explore by genre and easily download in various formats such as MOBI Kindle, HTML, EPUB, and simple text format too.

Another amazing thing that this site offers is that it can directly save your books to cloud storing services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive easily.

Why use Project Gutenberg?

  • Best website for Classical Novels
  • For easy browsing: Same genre books are categorized as bookshelves

Click here to Visit Project Gutenberg

3. ManyBooks

many ebooks

With ManyBooks, you can access more than 50,000 free online books. It serves as an excellent option for book lovers who are craving for good books. The site hosts a varied collection of books formatted for eReaders like Kindle and some other popular formats such as MOBI, TXT, PDF, EPUB, etc.

You can easily browse books on ManyBooks, it offers a very neat categorized section of texts for different genres. In addition to that, it has a Recommended and Features Authors section as well to help the readers choose their next books.

Every eBook page on this site provides helpful information such as the author’s name, genre, and word count. As the majority of the content belongs to the public domain, you can easily download books legally and for free.

Why use ManyBooks?

  • Recommended site for contemporary and classic books
  • Flesch-Kincaid score on each eBook (it shows how easy and difficult it is to read)
  • It lets you download books in any format right from zipping to PDF that suits a reading device

Click here to Visit ManyBooks

4. Bookboon


Bookboon provides a huge variety of free books on every category you can imagine. If you are looking specifically for an educational textbook or business book then Bookboon can help you out in finding you what you really are looking for.

This free book site serves you thousands of books that you can read and download as well and for that, you just need to visit the free section and enter some details to easily start the downloading process for the book. The website is easy to navigate and it is well categorized.

Apart from an English book, the site offers texts in other languages as well such as Dutch, German, Czech, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian and French.

Why use Bookboon?

  • Best website for educational and business books
  • Free books in multiple languages
  • Books available in PDF format

Click here to Visit Bookboon

5. Feedbooks


Feedbooks provides a huge collection of original as well as public books that you can read and download for free of cost. The interface of this website is quite neat with a well-categorized section of books ranging from short stories, Action, Mystery Novels, History to academic books and much more.

The download page in Feedbooks shows interesting and helpful information such as word count, synopsis, publishing date, etc. you can easily download books for free and for that you don’t need to signup in standard formats such MOBI, EPUB, and PDF.

With Feedbooks, you can easily explore new reading material with its search options. You can find books for free in the sections of Free Public Domain Books and Free Original Books. Other than that, it also has a section like New Releases, Bestsellers, and Editorial Reviews to help you find new books to read online.

Why use Feedbooks?

  • No need for registration
  • Mobile browser friendly
  • Fast and easy to navigate website

Click here to Visit Feedbooks

6. Free-eBooks

free ebooks1

The tagline of this website says it all, “Read Anywhere. Anytime”. Free-eBooks provides a good literary work of fiction, non-fiction, and academic texts. You might feel that the user interface is a little cluttered but if you spend some time on this website, you will definitely find a lot of interesting stuff to read.

The site also displays a featured section that showcases the eBooks at a particular time and some amazing books of all time. You can browse through categories to find what you are looking for. The number of downloading books is restricted as you can download 5 eBooks per month and that too in PDF format, a huge collection of free books that you can find on this website that makes up for it.

Why use Free-eBooks?

  • It showcases curated lists of genre-specific books and best pick of the month to help you get good reading material
  • It also offers audiobooks

Click here to Visit Free-eBooks

7. LibriVox


If you more enjoy listening to books instead of reading then LibriVox is an amazing option for you to go with. It is a digital library of audiobooks that you can download for free. These audiobooks are read by volunteers that work to release high-quality recordings of classic books.

Although we cannot say that audiobooks are eBooks technically, but it is an amazing way to enjoy books when you are on the move and it will keep you entertained. It is a great help for the visually impaired and helps them to enjoy the great literary content for free.

There are links to eBook versions available on each title’s page so you can download the title in MP3. The site also runs weekly podcast if you are interested. As all books are recorded in 128 Kbits/s, so it makes a pleasant listening experience.

Why use LibriVox?

  • Best website to download free audiobooks
  • Good quality audio
  • Great way to help visually impaired

Click here to Visit LibriVox

8. Smashwords


If you trying to find out some literary work by Indie authors, Smashwords is the perfect place to find such material. This online directory of books provides you content by independent authors and publishers all around the world.

It provides a huge collection of books including various topics such as Business, Adventure, Classics, History, Fantasy, Philosophy, Religion, and many more. Be sure to click on the free tab before searching for a book.

You can also search the platform through quick filter buttons like word count and ratings to find books that you are looking for and download in various formats such as TXT, MOBI, PDB, EPUB.

Why use Smashwords?

  • A huge collection of over 475,000 eBooks to read
  • Best website for those who like to write, you can publish your literary work on this platform

Click here to Visit Smashwords

9. PDF Books World


If you are in search of a website that can allow you to read and download eBooks in PDF format for free, then your search should end here. PDF Books World digitizes books that have attained the public domains status to be downloaded in the PDF format that can easily be read on many devices.

The interface of this website is very easy to use as the content has been categorized into fiction, non-fiction, academic, novels and juvenile section. The comprehensive bookshelves offer free pdf books on any subject for readers of all ages.

PDF Books World does not list any download links to external websites unlike any other website on the list. Instead, the site stores it on their server itself and it also offers free membership for a lifetime.

Why use PDF Books World?

  • Download free eBooks in PDF format

Click here to Visit PDF Books World

Wrapping up:

All the above-mentioned sites have something unique to offer. As these sites are mentioned without any order so you can go ahead and choose the one that you like or which best suits you according to your requirement. As these sites provide a flood of reading material, you will not run out of your books with the help of these sites.

If you know any other websites that provide free books online and you think is good enough to be in the list then you can drop the name of that website in the comment section. We would really appreciate that gesture of you.

Till then keep reading as Charles W. Eliot said,

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

Keep visiting the site as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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