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How To Enable/Disable Multiple Downloads In Chrome

When you download a file from a website through the Google Chrome browser, it is saved to a user-defined location or opened with the associated application. At the end of this process, some websites try to download additional files. In most cases, the intention is honest and determined. However, some malicious sites try to exploit this feature to transmit viruses and other unwanted material. To avoid this problem, configure the download settings in Chrome to decide if you want multiple downloads.

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How To Enable/Disable Multiple Downloads In Chrome

Enable-Disable Multiple Downloads In Chrome

Chrome can download multiple files. In reality, it is the default, however, it has a small roadblock. If you try to download multiple files from the same website, you will block them. This is a security measure. A malicious website can download more than one file when you click on a download link and the other files can be harmful. This function allows other downloads to continue only if confirmed. Chrome basically asks you to confirm that you started all the downloads. That said, you can enable/disable multiple downloads on Chrome per site or disable the feature completely.

Multiple Downloads In Chrome

  1. Go to Chrome and click the More Options button in the upper right corner.
  2. In the menu, select Settings.
  3. On the Settings page, scroll down and click Advanced.
  4. In the Privacy and Security section, click Site Settings.Flash-player-in-Chrome
  5. Select the Automatic downloads By default, the option of “Ask when a site tries to automatically download files after the first file (recommended)” is already enabled. This is what tells you to confirm that a website can download multiple files when you try.
  6. Disable it and all websites will be able to download multiple files at once.
  7. Under the switch, there will be a list of websites that allowed you to download multiple files simultaneously and which ones you blocked. You can delete a website by clicking the More Options button next to a website and select Remove or Block.
  8. Similarly, you can select a website, click the More Options button next to it and select the Allow option to allow multiple files to be downloaded at the same time.

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Needless to say, it is safer to enable the ‘Ask when a site tries to download files automatically after the first file (recommended)’ option, then use blocklists and permissions to control which websites can and cannot download more than one file.

If you are visiting a particularly bleak website with several download buttons, not all of them legitimate, this option can help. It won’t highlight the correct download button or link, but if you end up clicking on the wrong one and trying to download many files, Chrome will stop it.

When you allow a website to download multiple files, it is automatically added to the Allow automatic downloads list. Whenever you want to revoke the permissions of a website, that’s where you should look.

That’s all. Repeat this process for so many websites trying to download several files. When this website tries to download several files, Chrome automatically blocks your attempt and doesn’t bother you with an alert.


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