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Hidden Feature Enhance Sound Output on iPhone

At one point, we all found ourselves huddled around an iPhone with a group of friends, listening to music at full blast. But as anyone who has been in this situation will know, the maximum volume of the iPhone is not so high. There are many ways to improve the sound, like connecting the phone to a Bluetooth speaker or, if you don’t have one available, put the phone in a glass of beer or a cup.


But there is a little-known software feature that will give your music an extra volume boost with minimal effort.

Your iPhone has a volume limiter that can handle the maximum sound from your phone. However, releasing the volume limiter settings is not the only way to optimize the audio output of your iPhone. There is a hidden set up in the music app known as Sound Check that allows you to use all the power of your iPhone speakers, EarPods, AirPods or even a Bluetooth speaker.

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Sound Check uses the data of the tracks scanned and stored by iTunes, which is mainly composed of the playback volume of the original file. While the “Soundcheck” setting is active, adjust and limit the volume of all the songs on your device to the same level, which will affect the sound output in most cases. Here’s how to improve the audio output on your device.

Hidden Feature Enhance Sound Output on iPhone

  • Go to the app settings on your iPhone to manage the music settings.

iphone settings

  • Search for the Music app and open it to see the app settings.

iphone settings 1


  • Once in the Music app settings, scroll down to find the ‘Sound Check’ tab and turn it off.

sound check

Note: iPhone has an equalizer built into the settings of the music app with many default options. Playback with equalizer options also affects the device’s audio output. Here’s how to get the most out of the EQ settings.

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  • While in the Music app settings, click on EQ. (go to Settings => Music => EQ)

iphone settings EQ

  • Scroll down and select the “Late night” preset of the available options. This preset is the highest and provides the maximum sound output for your music.

iphone setting

The described methods of “Sound Check” and the EQ settings on the iPhone must guarantee the maximum capacity of the audio output. If you believe there is a significant difference in the audio output of your device compared to another device, you should check the basic volume limit setting in Settings> Music> Volume Limit and set the soundbar to the maximum.

volume limit

This is all that can be done through the configuration of the operating system, now don’t expect this to work as a loudspeaker.

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To try this method and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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