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Enjoy macOS-inspired Dock to jailbroken iPhones with Harbor 3

The application Dock shows boundlessly different conduct on the macOS stage than it does on any iPhone or iPad, and if you wish that wasn’t the situation, then you may check out a recently discharged jailbreak tweak named Harbor 3 by iOS developer Evan Swick.

Harbor 3 depends on the first Harbor tweak, which as some veteran jailbreakers may review, conveyed a macOS-like Dock understanding on the iOS stage. With it, you could look through your apps with your finger. Additionally, much like on your Mac, you’ll witness a magnification impact as you do this much like what you find in the screen capture models above.

One of the plenty of advantages Harbor 3 brings to the table is that you can break the customary four-symbol limit and the same number of apps as you’d like.

Harbor 3 automatically resizes the Dock to line up with the number of apps you’ve included, and if you include a ton, then the symbols can get especially little. Consequently, the tweak’s worked in macOS-like magnification proves to be useful.

Harbor 3 adds an inclination sheet to the Settings app where you can design a couple of different choices:

Harbor 3

Here, you can:

  • Configure the wave liveliness width by means of slider
  • Configure the wave liveliness tallness by means of slider
  • Toggle the exemplary spring liveliness on or off on request
  • Toggle the app-cutting off liveliness on or on request
  • Configure the app liveliness by means of a slider
  • Pick how often apps ricochet when propelling
  • Configure to what extent it takes between ricochet impacts
  • Empower or impair status spots for running apps
  • Hide or show the Dock’s experience

Harbor 3 plays pleasantly with jailbroken iOS 13 devices, and if you’re keen on a progressively vivid application Dock understanding on your device, then you can buy Harbor 3 for $3.99 in the Packix repository by means of your favored bundle director.

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What are your considerations about having a macOS-inspired Dock understanding on your iPhone or iPad? Offer in the remarks area beneath.