Home News Facebook Brings Face Recognition to All Users, Discontinues ‘Tag Suggestions’

Facebook Brings Face Recognition to All Users, Discontinues ‘Tag Suggestions’

Facebook on Tuesday said facial acknowledgment technology connected to photographs at the social network will be an opt-in highlight. The change that started taking off to users around the globe came as the main social network stays under pressure to better protect privacy and user data, including biometric information.


Almost two years prior, Facebook presented a face acknowledgment include that went past recommending companions to tag in pictures or recordings however could tell user when they were in images they had consent to see somewhere else on the administration.

Facebook is getting rid of a “tag” proposal setting in favour of an overall facial recognition setting which will be off by default, as indicated by a post by artificial intelligence applied research lead Srinivas Narayanan.

“Facebook’s face recognition technology still does not remember you to strangers,” Narayanan said.

“We don’t share your face acknowledgment data with outsiders. We likewise don’t sell our innovation.”

People new to Facebook or who had the “tag” highlight working will get word from the social network about the face acknowledgment setting along with a simple method to turn it on if they wish, as per Narayanan.

People will in any case have the option to manually tag friends, however we won’t propose you to be labeled if you do not have face recognition turned on,” Narayanan said.

“If you as of now have the face acknowledgment setting, you won’t get a notice.”

The move comes in the midst of developing worries about facial acknowledgment technology by law enforcement and government agencies, and with far reaching use of the system for surveillance in parts of the world including China.