Feature That Was Not Planned In Apple Watch Until Next Year Could Be On The Device This Year

The Apple Watch Series 4 has excellent features for those users looking to control their health. The heart rate monitor will alert you if your heart starts beating too quickly or too slowly and the electrocardiogram (ECG) function analyzes abnormal heart rhythms that could be consistent with atrial fibrillation (Afib); The latter can cause blood clots, strokes, heart failure, and death. And don’t forget the fall detection feature that will ask for help and alert your emergency contacts if you have fallen and cannot ask for help.

On September 10th, Apple should present the Apple Watch Series 5. We could see the watch equipped with a blood pressure monitor based on the voices and, another health-related feature that we didn’t expect to see until Come year could make the cut. It would be a native sleep watch monitor for the Apple Watch. Many other smartwatches offer this and there is an app available for the Apple Watch that will monitor your “ZZZ time”. But today’s report, which cites sources within Apple, says the company could announce Apple Watch sleep monitoring as soon as next week; the new capacity would not require any special hardware to operate.

Sleep tracking could be a new feature for Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

Currently, available Apple Watch Series 4 owners will use pins and needles, hoping they will not have to buy a new model to get native sleep monitoring capabilities. Since the Series 5 watch has the same appearance as the Series 4 model, most likely no hardware changes are needed to add the function, good news for those with a Series 4 watch.

Originally given the code name “Burrito”, Apple will presumably call the “Time in bed tracking” sleep monitoring feature and allow users to bring their Apple Watch to bed if they wish. If a person owns more than one Apple Watch, he will have to choose a particular model such as “designated Apple Watch before bedtime”. While the owner of the device sleeps, the Apple Watch will use its multiple sensors to track the person’s movement, heart rate and the noises that can be emitted. The Health application will report the Apple Watch user’s sleep quality and there will be a new Sleep watch app. Apple realizes that most users charge their own watch at night and that this will be impossible if the device monitors the owner’s quality of sleep. So, Apple has come up with a reminder that will tell Apple Watch owners to charge the watch before bedtime.

The main feature of Apple Watch Series 4 is the electrocardiogram (ECG). Since Apple launched the Series 4 watch last year, we’ve seen some watches that include an ECG monitor. Samsung was better with its recently introduced Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2; Not only does Sammy’s new watch include its own ECG scanner (which should get FDA approval next year), but it also offers a fall detection feature that can save the lives of older users. This is another ability taken by Apple Watch and will be enabled in the first quarter of next year. With fall detection, the watch is able to detect when the person using the device has fallen and sends an audible alarm while alerting the watch owner’s emergency contacts. If the watch does not detect any movement, it assumes that the fallen person is unconscious. At that time, 9-1-1 is called and a message is sent with the location of the injured person included. This feature is disabled for Apple Watch Series 4 owners aged 64 or under (although it can be enabled by anyone at any age); The feature is automatically enabled if the device owner is 65 or older.

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