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Find Friends or Someone You Know on Snapchat | 2019

Snapchat is an amazing messaging app that lets you talk with your friends, view stories, exchange images, videos and explore news as well and if you are new to snapchat and don’t know how to find and add people so you can enjoy all the amazing features that this app is providing.

We are sharing with you the four methods that you can use to find friends on someone you know on snapchat.

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Find Friends or Someone You Know on Snapchat 2019

Find Friends or Someone You Know on Snapchat | 2019

Method #1: Sync Your Contacts

This method is the easiest and fastest way to find people and add them on Snapchat. The advantage of this method is that you can add people in bulk automatically.

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Tap on your Bitmoji icon/profile that you can see at the left of the screen
  3. Click on Add Friends then on Contacts that is at the top of the screen

Add Friends

  1. Tap on the button of Find Friends
  2. Carefully follow the instructions to access your contacts from your phone
  3. Go back to Contacts and tap on Find Friends then Continue.
  4. A popup will appear, confirm it by tapping on the OK
  5. People who have connected their numbers to Snapchat will appear and you can add them by tapping on the +Add
  6. People who have not connected their number to Snapchat will appear at the bottom and you can invite them to snapchat as well.

Method #2: Search for Someone’s Snapchat Username

The usernames in snapchat are quite unique and you cannot change these usernames ever. If there is someone who’s the username you know, then it can help you to add that person as a friend on snapchat.

  1. At the top, you will see a search field, tap on it

Search Field Snapchat

  1. Enter the username in the search field
  2. You will see the user results automatically look for the correct user and then tap on +Add to add as a friend.

Method #3: Scan Someone’s Snapcode

As all the users of snapchat have assigned a unique code which is called Snapcode that can easily be scanned to add people as a friend quickly and automatically.

  • Open Snapchat
  • Navigate to the camera by swiping to right or you can also tap on the circle button that is at the bottom.
  • Point the camera to someone’s Snapcode and hold the Snapcode on your device and let go after a few seconds. This method will scan the Snapcode and show you the corresponding user.
  • After scanning and successfully finding out the person tap on Add Friend to add the user as a friend.

Note: There might be a chance that you will not see the corresponding user after scanning because of some privacy reasons and might see another button called Subscribe which will let you see that person’s content which is publicly shared.

Method #4: Look at Who Shows Up in Quick Add

Quick Add is an amazing feature displays user that you can add in different sections. The app suggested these users which are based on the people that you have subscribed to and on your mutual friends.

  1. Look for Quick Add Section that you might see in these areas
  • In the center of Discover tab
  • When you search someone in the search field
  • At the bottom of the conversation tab
  1. To add the user a friend, click on +Add
  2. At the top right, click on X to remove the user as a suggested friend.

Managing your Snapchat friends list

After adding people as friends on snapchat app, it’s very important for you to manage your friend list as well. You can also see your friends in the Snapchat Map.

  1. Go to the friend’s screen and tap on the chat bubble that you can see at the top.
  2. You can see all of your friends in alphabetical order
  3. You can block, unblock or delete friends from this list as well.

That’s it. Four ways that you can use to add people as friends on snapchat.

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Till then make friends on snapchat and enjoy all of the amazing features that this offers as we will be back soon with another topic to share with you.