How To Fix Auto-Following Spam Accounts On Instagram

It is a common issue that some Instagram users may see other accounts on their following lists. Although they did not follow this account, it may appear in the list. Of course, it can be annoying because nobody wants to follow someone who doesn’t know anything.

If you have the same problem, the reason could be related to spammers. They can make your Instagram account follow the accounts they want automatically.

Since Instagram has been so popular among users, unfortunately, it has also been the main target of spammers after Facebook and Twitter. There are many people who complain about this problem in social networks. An error or a security problem may be related to this problem, but it has a simple solution.

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How To Fix Auto-Following Spam Accounts On Instagram?

Fix Auto-Following Spam Accounts On Instagram

If you notice a sudden increase in the number of accounts that follow, or see that you have suddenly followed a random account that you can’t remember to follow, you’re not alone. This happens to a few users and, often, the increase in the number of followers is enormous and varies from a number of two or three digits to a four-digit number. Let’s review what you can do if this happens and briefly explain why it happens.

Fix Auto-Following Spam Accounts

If you have followed a large number of new accounts, you will have to stop following them manually. There are no shortcuts for this. If you are tempted to use a third-party app to stop following spam accounts, we advise you not to. After you stop following these spam accounts, you need to do three things: check authorized apps, change your password, try not to log into suspicious websites and configure two-factor authentication.

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Check Authorized Apps

You can manage your authorized apps only from the desktop.

  1. Open a web browser and visit Instagram.
  2. Log in to your account and go to your profile page.
  3. Next, to the “Edit Profile” button, you will see a rack button. Click on it.
  4. In the menu that opens, select Authorized Apps.

The authorized apps will list all the apps you are authorized to connect to your Instagram account. Anything you don’t remember using or recognizing, you should remove it immediately. If you have authorized only some reliable apps, it may be a good idea to revoke the access for at least a short period of time.

Change Password

Change your Instagram password immediately. Your password may have been violated. Change your password immediately. To do this, either you can go to the security settings in the Instagram app or from the web interface. You decide

Two-factor authentication

In the same screen, you can enable two-factor authentication. Enable your account to stop access to which you have not logged in. You should NOT choose to use an authentication app to be more secure. Use your phone number.

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Do Not Log In To Suspicious Websites

There are some websites that authorize your Instagram. Therefore, it is not necessary to access untrusted websites.

That’s it.

You may have heard of services that promise to get more followers on your favorite social network. They work through apps and services that users have authorized to connect to their account. Normally they seem harmless, but they can become follower farms. This is why you should not use the apps to stop following accounts as indicated above.

As for changing the password and enabling two-factor authentication, it is a precaution you can take if your account has been compromised.


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