How To Fix Chrome Stuck on Waiting To Download

Why does Google Chrome gets stuck on waiting to download? There are tons of answers to this critical issue. But the most appropriate answer is because of the web browser’s support for third-party downloads option. Whenever a user is trying to download a file over the internet, Chrome is not capable of checking it, as if it’s secure for your device or not.

That’s also a privacy concern on which, Google Chrome team is working for now. But if you are a user of Chrome, you would never want to face any sort of interruptions while surfing the internet. Matter of fact, if you want to download a file, either you’ll download it via Chrome or lookout for an alternative.

No doubt, a web browser has become an essential tool for surfing the internet. Either you are using a smartphone or a computer, you can never neglect using the services of web browsers. So why not use the tech giants product. But if you are facing trouble in downloading files via chrome, I’m here to help you solve this frustrating problem. I’ll be discussing¬†How To Fix Chrome Stuck on Waiting To Download. Let’s take you straight to the point of fixing the issue.

9 Methods To Fix Chrome Stuck on Waiting To Download

There are 9 basic tips/tricks that you can imply to fix Chrome not downloading issues. But you think your problem is solved at any point, you are allowed to stop performing any further steps and enjoy downloading files via Google Chrome.

1) Reboot Your PC/Laptop

Before leading you towards any lengthy steps, I want you to first reboot your PC and see if restarting your device gets the job done. If you ask for a better opinion, shut down your PC properly and after 30 to 40 seconds, restart it. When your PC is started properly, see if the problem is solved or not. If you are still facing the same trouble, only then perform the other steps.

2) Correct Date/Time

Many PC users forget about the fact that correcting date/time settings can be a solution to many critical OS problems. It’s mainly because your PC is set to a different time zone, and it is the only reason why it’s responding laggy.

To change date & time settings, click once on the taskbar where the time and date is showing. From the popup menu, click where you can see the exact date & day.

Correct Date/Time on Windows 10

Now at first, disable the first two toggles of time & date adjustment. Afterward, select your desired Time zone, depending upon the location from where you are surfing the internet.

Fix Chrome Stuck on Waiting To Download

When you are done changing time settings, enable both time & date toggles back again. This will help you secure your PC from different sorts of online malware.

3) Disable Smart Screen

SmartScreen is basically enabled in Windows 10 by default. Its main purpose is to help users say no to downloading insecure files over the internet. But sometimes, this facility can create a wall between your PC and a file you are about to download on it. So you can disable Smart Screen and check if this solves the issue.

  • Press Windows + I key from the keyboard to open Windows 10 settings.
  • Go To “Update & Security” tab.

Disable Smart Screen on Windows 10

  • Under the Windows Security tab, select “App & browser control”

Fix Chrome Stuck on Waiting To Download

  • Now in the Windows Security window, select “off” bullet, placed under Smartscreen for Microsoft Edge.

Fix Chrome Stuck on Waiting To Download

Note: After disabling the SmartScreen, restart your PC and then check if the problem persists or not.

4) Download Chrome Offline Installer

Sometimes, the problem is just because you didn’t installed Google Chrome as were supposed to. To be honest, it can be the biggest source of why you are facing trouble in downloading a file via Chrome. So to check if things are installed properly, Download Google Chrome Offline Installer file and then install it by following the on-screen instructions.

5) Check Disk Storage

Now that you have implied all the simple steps, there is another thing I want you to do. Yes, to check as if your device has enough disk storage left on it. Because if it doesn’t, then there’s no point in performing any further steps.

To check it, open storage settings via the Cortana search bar. Once inside the System Storage settings, check and see if your PC has enough space to store any further files or not.

Check Disk Storage on Windows 10

6) Turn off Windows Defender & Antivirus

Windows Defender Security can be a big reason why you are facing trouble with Google Chrome Stuck on Waiting To Download. Because the firewalls & antivirus services don’t allow users to download third-party files over the internet.

So to disable Windows Defender, Type “Windows Security” in the search bar and open the app. Now under Virus & Threat Protection, disable “Virus & threat protection settings”.

Turn off Windows Defender in Windows 10

7) Change Download File Destination

May it’s your default download folder that’s causing trouble, why not try changing it. You can do it directly from chrome by performing the following steps:

i) Open the Edge web browser and click once on the three-dotted menu button. From the popup menu, select Settings.

Change Download File Destination in Windows 10

ii) Now inside the General tab, scroll down until you see the Downloads section. From there, click once on the Change button and select a file destination.

Fix Chrome Stuck on Waiting To Download

8) Turn off S Mode

Disabling S Mode can also be helpful to Fix Chrome Stuck on Waiting To Download Issue. Because the S Mode is enabled in some Windows 10 versions, so that, users are not allowed to download files over the internet rather than Microsoft Store. It can be the case, so there’s no harm in performing the following steps:

  • Open Windows 10 Settings by pressing Windows + I button.
  • Navigate to the Update & Security section.

Turn off S Mode in Windows 10

  • Under Switch to Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro, select Go To Store.

Fix Chrome Stuck on Waiting To Download

  • Don’t select “Go To Store” available under Activate Windows now.

9) Use Microsoft Edge

If nothing sees to work, then its time you start using Microsoft Edge. Because it is the fastest web browser in the market, which helps you a lot in downloading files over the internet. Also, it’s good to use Microsoft’s official products when you are using Windows PC/Laptop. So there’s no harm in using Microsoft Edge until you hear there’s an updated version of Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

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